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Which 4 Professionals Can Dramatically Improve Your Appearance?

Improve Your Appearance

When was the last time you upgraded to a new look or invested in enhancing your current one? Where’s the first place you’d go if you had to look your absolute best for a major event?

We may not think of a cosmetic dental procedure, med spa, or personal trainer when it comes to improving your appearance, but each of  them can take you out of your routine and vastly enhance your appearance. Have an important wedding or date coming up? Consider visiting these skilled professionals before your big day for the look you deserve.

Esthetician – Give Your Skin the Extra Care It Needs

For making your skin appear younger and more vibrant, visiting an esthetician is an obvious choice. An opens in a new windowesthetician specializes in procedures that revitalize your skin and make you look younger. Some of the beauty enhancements an esthetician can provide, include:

Reasons to Visit an Esthetician

  • Reduce wrinkles, acne, and dry skin
  • Waxing to remove unattractive and unwanted body hair
  • Spa treatments like mud baths and facials
  • Instruction and guidance for applying makeup
  • Chemical peels and laser resurfacing

Where Can You Find Your New Favorite Esthetician?

When it comes to estheticians, there are a wide variety of types who may provide dozens of differing services. Much like your favorite hair stylist or trainer, finding a reliable esthetician who you get along well with can make your beauty treatments an even more enriching experience. Consider these different places when searching for an esthetician that clicks with you:

  • Day spas
  • Beauty salons
  • Med spas that offer BOTOX and chemical peels
  • Some dental clinics have estheticians and cosmetic services
  • Places that offer massages will frequently employ estheticians as well

Personal Trainer – Tighten and Tone Your Bod

If you really need to look your best, then getting an intense workout in the days prior is the way to go. Only by sweating it up with a high-powered class or muscle-building workout can you get the chiseled, fit look that can’t be found otherwise. Plus, the days of a toned body being seen as oafish or too masculine are over – men and women are both celebrated for fit bodies and fitness accomplishments.

What Can a Personal Trainer Do For You?

In addition to teaching boot camps, CrossFit, and other classes like Zumba, personal trainers can do a wide range of workouts in a variety of environments. Some personal trainers will meet at local parks or beaches, while others will provide comprehensive instructions for getting a solid workout in the gym.

You can find intense trainers and fun trainers – even trainers on YouTube can help motivate you and give you creative ideas for a workout. One highly-motivating example is Coach Chris Wilson and Brian Klepacki in their opens in a new windowseries for If you can get dozens of ideas and tangible motivation from a trainer online, imagine the intense workout you’ll have with one in person – and the toned look you’ll get that shows the world you mean business.

Float Spa Therapist – Refresh Your Look with Intense Relaxation

Known by names like “sensory deprivation tank,” float therapy is gaining in popularity for its remarkable relaxation benefits. Having experienced an hour of this treatment myself, I’d be the first to tell you it’s the most relaxed I’ve ever been. Find out how an hour-long session inside of a float tank can take all of your stress away, and offer full relaxation before your big day.

What to Expect from Your Float Therapy Session

  • Upon entering a float spa, you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have.
  • You can typically choose between different tank sizes and types.
  • As you enter your personal float tank, the room will go dark within ten minutes.
  • With nothing to stimulate your senses, you’ll achieve a deep state of relaxation.
  • After leaving the float tank, the new level of calmness you feel will last for hours.

The Power of Stress Release

If you’re wondering how an incredibly relaxing float therapy session can enhance your appearance, first consider how many bags and blemishes are caused directly by stress. As recently as 2018, research has shown that float therapy is opens in a new windowexcellent for reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. Reaching a new level of calmness will refresh your look, and reduce many of the signs of worry and stress from your face.

Cosmetic Dentist – Make Your Smile Stand Out

While you may know your dentist best for dental cleanings, many of them also offer an array of cosmetic treatments. One dentist who thrives in cosmetic dentistry is  opens in a new windowDr. Darlene Hart of Pembroke Pines, Florida. Here are a few of the most popular ways that cosmetic dentists can dramatically enhance your smile:

  • GLO Teeth Whitening

With no more need for messy trays and almost no sensitivity, GLO has made major improvements to the whitening process. Your teeth will be noticeably whiter in a short amount of time, and take-home trays are also available for those who prefer to do it on their own schedule.

  • Porcelain Veneers

Have you ever wanted to fix something about your teeth? Porcelain veneers can make significant enhancements to your smile by masking any cracks, chips, or other damage. In the world of cosmetic dentistry, veneers are the surest way to a Hollywood smile.

What Exactly is a Veneer?

If you’ve ever seen siding used to improve the curb appeal of a house, veneers serve that same purpose for your smile. Completely versatile and natural-looking, dental veneers are thin yet tough shells typically comprised of porcelain. Once bonded to your teeth, they strengthen it, while also giving you the smile of your dreams.

How Far Will You Go for the Look You Truly Want?

If a major enhancement to your appearance is just an appointment away, why not give it a chance? From float therapy to chemical peels, tough workouts to teeth whitening, there are many creative options for taking your look to the next level. The only way to truly know which methods make you look and feel your best is to experience them for yourself!

Which 4 Professionals Can Dramatically Improve Your Appearance?
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Which 4 Professionals Can Dramatically Improve Your Appearance?
If you have to look your best, where would you go? These three professionals can give you the individualized care you need to maximize your appearance.
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