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What’s the Recovery Like after Having Labiaplasty?

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When you’re planning your labiaplasty surgery, knowing how to prepare for your recovery is just as important as knowing how to prepare for your procedure. Follow these tips and tricks to help keep you comfortable while you heal.

What Can I Expect the First Few Days after Labiaplasty?

Your labiaplasty surgery will be uniquely suited to you, and for that reason, everyone’s recovery experience is different. How you feel in the first few days after your labiaplasty will depend on the type of labiaplasty procedure you’ve had and how your body responds to the surgery.

Most women can expect to feel sore and tender as they begin to heal. This typically lasts for 5 to 7 days or longer. Your labia minora and labia majora will likely be swollen as well, which can initially affect the look of the area. You may also experience some bleeding, which can be addressed with sanitary pads. After about 1 week, your soreness and swelling should begin to subside. The majority of the swelling can begin to disappear as soon as 6 to 8 weeks, gradually revealing your results.

What Should I Do to Make Recovery Easier?

There are many labiaplasty recovery tips that can help make the healing period after your surgery more comfortable for you. It’s important that you follow all instructions for cleaning and care given to you by your plastic surgeon and their team, including taking any medications that you may have been prescribed.

Soreness and swelling can be treated with a cold compress or a warm shower. Wearing loose-fitting bottoms can help to minimize any friction to the area, and you can sit in a donut pillow if it helps to relieve pressure from the area. Make sure to get lots and lots of rest, especially during your first few days of healing.

Additionally, don’t discount the benefits of staying hydrated and fueling your body with nutritious meals to help speed up the healing process and make you feel better both while you recover and well afterward.

What Should I Avoid During Recovery?

Take care of yourself during your labiaplasty recovery and stay current with any post-op appointments.

During your recovery after labiaplasty, there are a few things you’ll need to avoid. It’s important, first of all, not to rub or scratch the area. Some women report feeling itchy. Do not scratch! If this persists, tell your doctor. Lay off any strenuous physical activity or exercise for a while as well. Allow yourself to rest and heal. You’ll also need to abstain from intercourse and avoid using tampons until your plastic surgeon clears you to return to these activities.

When Can I Get Back to My Normal Routine?

The time it takes to recover from labiaplasty surgery will depend on the type of procedure you had and your individual healing response. Your plastic surgeon will help you determine when it’s time to get back to your normal routine and activities. Some women feel comfortable returning to work after just a few days. Many return to physical activity after several weeks.

After your labiaplasty surgery, it’s important to take care of yourself. These labiaplasty recovery tips can help you prepare for the period after your procedure and know what to expect from recovery.

What’s the Recovery Like after Having Labiaplasty?
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What’s the Recovery Like after Having Labiaplasty?
Looking for labiaplasty recovery tips? Board-certified plastic surgeon for the Twin Cities Dr. Jennifer Harrington offersher top tips to help you recover.
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