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Breast Augmentation

What’s the Average Lifespan of an Implant?

breast implant

When considering breast implants or any other surgery, it’s always smart to do your research. While you’ll find a wealth of information online, everything should be taken with a grain of salt; online info is not always accurate, and it’s often a good idea to get a second opinion. The life expectancy of your implants is one area where there’s a large amount of conflicting information out there. What’s the truth about your implants’ life expectancy?

A Common Misconception

The best breast augmentation results are inarguably long-lasting; most patients are pleased with their outcome for many years after surgery. If you’re still happy with your figure even long after getting your implants, most surgeons would not recommend replacement unless they had a good reason.

Yet, long-term isn’t the same thing as a permanent guarantee; it is possible that implants may someday need to be replaced. Just as the effects of time show in your natural breasts, it’s likely that you’ll see changes in your augmented breasts as time passes due to age, fluctuating weight, or the effects of gravity. In these cases, you may choose to exchange implants or consider a breast lift to refresh your look. It’s important to note that many patients are both pleased with their results and have no complications well past the oft-quoted ten-year mark.

A Proven Safety Record

Today’s breast implants are proven extremely safe and reliable, even many years after surgery; it’s not necessarily true that your implants won’t last a very long time, so don’t believe everything you read. Just make sure you stay in touch with your surgeon after your procedure and keep all follow-up appointments to keep your great new look for years to come.

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