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Feminine Rejuvenation Liposuction

What’s Mons Pubis Liposuction and What Can It Do for You?

Even with rising awareness about the options women have for body contouring and vaginal rejuvenation, many women still don’t know about pubic mound liposuction. The mons pubis is the fleshy area just above the labia. The anatomy of your mons pubis is generally determined by genetics, but can be affected by other factors such as aging and weight gain. In many cases, there is simply excess fat in the area, which can be removed with the help of liposuction.

Having Mons Pubis Liposuction: What to Expect

During pubic mound liposuction, your plastic surgeon will place tiny incisions as discreetly as possible along the folds of your groin. Next, a small flexible tube called a cannula will be inserted and used to loosen and remove excess fat, reshaping the mons pubis area.

You should be able to go home immediately after pubic mound liposuction. Since you will be sedated for the procedure, you’ll probably need someone to drive you home afterward. Most people can return to work within a few days. Your plastic surgeon will help you understand what to expect during your recovery, since each person’s experience will vary.

Pubic mound liposuction can help give your mons pubis area a subtler and more feminine appearance.

Benefits of Pubic Mound Liposuction

As you heal from surgery and your results begin to develop, you may enjoy multiple benefits:

  • More beautiful, proportionate contours. By delicately sculpting your mons pubis area, a talented plastic surgeon can create a softer and more balanced look.
  • Increased comfort and confidence wearing tight-fitting garments such as yoga pants and bathing suits. Many women with enlarged pubic mounds feel self-conscious or uncomfortable wearing tight clothing that may accentuate the area. After having mons pubis liposuction, you may feel much better about slipping on a pair of tight leggings or bikini bottoms.
  • More enjoyment or less inhibition during intimate encounters. For some women, a large mons pubis can even cause frustration when it comes to being sexual with a partner. When you feel happy about the way your body looks, you’re less likely to hold back on enjoying yourself during sex.
  • An overall boost in body confidence. Feeling good about the way you look all over can help you feel more confident in general.

Choose Your Plastic Surgeon Wisely

If you’re thinking about having pubic mound liposuction, schedule a consultation with a female plastic surgeon who truly understands a woman’s anatomy. At your consultation, you’ll talk about your candidacy for surgery and discuss your aesthetic goals. Your plastic surgeon may recommend the addition of complementary procedures, such as labiaplasty, depending on your existing anatomy and your desired results.

A consultation is also your chance to really get to know your plastic surgeon and to decide whether she is the right person for you to work with. Look for specific criteria to help you make your decision:

  • Board certification. Any plastic surgeon you consider should hold current board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons are held to higher standards of quality and must fulfill additional education requirements.
  • The right experience. Ideally, you should choose a top female plastic surgeon who specializes in doing intimate women’s cosmetic procedures. Ask to see before and after pictures of pubic mound liposuction procedures and be sure to check out reviews and ratings from past patients.
  • A compatible personality. Getting along well with your plastic surgeon is important. You need to be able to speak openly, and clearly communicate your concerns and goals. Someone who dismisses your questions or doesn’t seem to understand your preferences may not be the right person to get you the results you’re after.
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