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What’s in Your Mommy Makeover? More Than You Think

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After having children, most women find their body changes quite a lot. Even those that seem to bounce back within weeks of having a baby often have plenty of differences hidden beneath their clothes. And not all mothers want to embrace their new bodies.

For many, the solution to their concerns is a mommy makeover. This combination cosmetic surgery allows for patients to address whatever concerns they have post baby — whether they are a result of pregnancy and childbirth or not.

This freedom of choice leaves many confused about what a mommy makeover includes. To eliminate some confusion, let’s take a deep dive into the topic.

What a Mommy Makeover Is

At its most basic, a mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures that are related to body contouring and generally meant to address concerns related to physical changes caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, sometimes patients choose to include procedures that extend beyond body contouring — such as eyelifts — or seek the procedure despite not having had children — weight loss can often lead to the same physical changes as pregnancy.

Mommy makeovers have become incredibly popular in recent years due to the control and flexibility they offer patients, as well as the fact that they allow for getting multiple procedures done at one time. The patient decides exactly what they want to have done; there is no requirement that they bundle specific procedures. And getting multiple surgeries at the same time both saves money and reduces the risks that come with going under general anesthesia on multiple occasions. Not to mention that having just one recovery period is easier for everyone, especially mothers.

What Is Typically Included in a Mommy Makeover

As you customize your mommy makeover, you will have a lot of room to decide what to get, what not to get and how big of a change you want to make with each procedure. With that said, it does help to start with some sort of an idea of what is possible, beyond being told that anything is possible. So, to kickstart your brainstorming, here are the procedures that are most often included in a mommy makeover.

Mommy makeovers typically focus on body contouring procedures, but you are not limited to this. From facelifts to labiaplasty, you make the changes you want.

Breast Augmentation

Not all women love their breast size before pregnancy, but even those who do may find themselves disappointed in them after they are done having children and breastfeeding. Loss of volume is common in mothers, and sometimes the temporary increase in volume during pregnancy and lactation leaves women missing their boosted cup size. Breast augmentation allows you to correct this and achieve the volume that looks best on your body.

Breast Lift

In addition to a loss of volume, it is common for breasts to sag more after having children, especially if the mother breastfed. With a breast lift, this sagging can be eliminated, giving the breasts a higher and more youthful profile. As part of this procedure, the nipples can also be moved and the areola reduced if desired.

Breast Reduction

On the other end of the spectrum, some women find that after they have their children, what they thought would be a temporary increase in cup size actually ends up sticking around. And while some people would kill to have a larger chest, others don’t care for the look or additional strain on their neck and shoulders. A breast reduction allows them to get back to their former size, or in some cases, eliminate the excess they already had, as many women who need reductions put them off to prevent interference with breastfeeding.

Tummy Tuck

During pregnancy, both the skin and the muscles on the abdomen stretch. Depending on how the woman carries, and whether or not she has multiples, this stretching can get quite extreme. Additionally, many women experience a separation of the abdominal muscles that does not resolve after pregnancy, called diastasis recti. A tummy tuck helps to address all of these concerns, eliminating excess skin, tightening the muscles and closing any gaps that cannot be resolved with exercise.

Body Lift

While most issues related to skin stretching during pregnancy are isolated to the breasts and abdomen, some women gain significant weight or retain water to the point that they experience loose skin in other parts of the body as well. When this happens, a body lift might be beneficial. Typically used after significant weight loss, this can address sagging in the upper or lower body.


Finally, nearly all mommy makeovers will include liposuction. This can be used anywhere on the body where liposuction is considered to be an ideal solution — hips, stomach, thighs, bra line, chin and more. There are multiple types of liposuction as well, some of which offer more control and might be better for your goals.

So, what is included in a mommy makeover really just comes down to the changes you wish to make. Speak with your surgeon to create your plan.

What’s in Your Mommy Makeover? More Than You Think
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What’s in Your Mommy Makeover? More Than You Think
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