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What’s Holding You Back from Breast Augmentation is Likely NBD

Breast Augmentation NBD

Ever since puberty, you’ve looked at your breasts and been disappointed in their volume. You want to fill out your tops, wear sexy lingerie with confidence and rock a curvy figure – but your small cup size keeps getting in the way. You’ve thought about getting a boob job, but you just know you are a bad candidate for breast augmentation.

Except…are you really?

It’s something cosmetic surgeons see all the time: women convincing themselves they aren’t ideal candidates for breast augmentation due to any number of factors – weight, breast shape, age and more. And while there are some people who aren’t great candidates for breast implants, chances are the things that are holding you back aren’t actually a big deal.

Let’s Dispel a Few Myths

Cosmetic surgery, in general, has a lot of myths surrounding it, but breast augmentation in particular gets hit by incorrect “facts” and urban legends more than most surgeries. And a lot of them center on who can or can’t get a boob job. So, what are some of the more common misconceptions?

You Can’t Get Augmentation if Your Breasts Are Too Small

If you have very small breasts and want to have very large ones, you might not be able to make the full change all in one go. However, implants are still an option even if your breasts are small enough to still wear training bras.

Breast Augmentation Isn’t for Those with Asymmetry

Nearly all women have one breast that is larger than the other, though usually the difference is too small to pay much attention to. However, some women have a cup-size difference or greater between their breasts. Despite the rumors, not only can those with asymmetry get implants, but they can be used to even out the breasts.

Being Overweight Disqualifies You from Getting Augmentation

It is a good idea to be at or near your ideal weight before getting augmentation since weight loss can lead to sagging, which can make your boob job look less than its best. However, if you are happy at your weight and want to stay within about 15 pounds of it (and your weight isn’t causing you to be too unhealthy for surgery), you can get breast augmentation.

If You Sag, You Can’t Get Implants

This is a misconception that is rooted in a bit of truth. If you have sagging breasts and want implants because you think boosting volume will perk them up, sorry to disappoint, but that won’t work. In fact, adding volume alone accentuates sagging. However, you can get implants paired with a lift.

So What Actually Makes Someone a Poor Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

There are a few things that can disqualify you for breast augmentation, or at least make it not the best choice for you. These include:

  • Being Underage: Women are still developing until at least the age of 18, with many still seeing natural breast growth into their 20s.
  • Being Pregnant or Breastfeeding: Pregnant women should avoid all elective surgical procedures, and augmentation can disrupt breastfeeding. Plus, the additional blood flow to the breasts can make surgery dangerous.
  • Having an Active Infection: Surgery will weaken you for a time, and having an active infection introduces too much risk.

Aside from these disqualifying factors, there is little that prevents you from being a breast augmentation candidate. To learn more, schedule consultations with several cosmetic surgeons, then select the one that is the best fit for you.


What’s Holding You Back from Breast Augmentation is Likely NBD
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What’s Holding You Back from Breast Augmentation is Likely NBD
Are there bad candidates for breast augmentation? Yes, but as Dr. Joseph Castellano at Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center explains, you likely aren’t one.
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