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Breast Implants

What’s a Breast Implant Profile & How Do You Pick One?

Breast augmentation isn’t as simple as deciding you want implants and finding a suitable plastic surgeon. There are quite a few choices to make before going ahead with the procedure, such as the type of breast implant used, the volume and size you wish to achieve and the breast implant profile most suitable for the results you’re looking for.

Moderate Profile Breast Implant

The terms “low,” “moderate” and “high” don’t relate to where the implant is positioned on your chest, but rather how far they protrude. Many plastic surgeons don’t offer low profile implants, as they are the flattest implants and aren’t suitable for most women. You may tend to pick a moderate profile breast implant if you have a small or narrow chest wall and are looking for a subtle boost.

During your initial consultation, your board-certified plastic surgeon will discuss the various options and guide you on how to pick a breast implant profile.

High Profile Breast Implant

Generally resulting in the most natural appearance, high profile breast implants offer more projection than moderate profile implants, without being as dramatic as the ultra high profile breast implants. Women with small or narrow chests will tend to pick a high profile.

Ultra High Profile Breast Implant

The fullest, roundest results are achieved using high profile breast implants, which are narrower towards the base but provide more projection. They can look quite unnatural on some women, but can create the “bubble” look some women prefer.

How to Pick a Breast Implant Profile

The various factors which should be taken into consideration when you pick a breast implant profile include body shape and your desired results. Of course, your board-certified plastic surgeon will help you to make the best choice for your personal preferences and requirements.

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