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What You Need to Know about miraDry® Treatments for Sweating

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Sweating is perfectly natural, of course, but that doesn’t mean you need to simply accept it. If you tend towards sweatiness, embarrassing sweat stains are unpleasant realities you’re sure to be familiar with. If you’ve decided you’re not putting up with it anymore and want to reduce sweating, miraDry® could be just what you’re looking for.

What Is miraDry?

miraDry is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive sweating treatment designed to effectively tackle problem underarm sweat. Once you’ve visited a board-certified cosmetic surgeon’s office near you and had yourfirst miraDry session, you could see a significant difference in underarm sweat, not to mention the associated stains and odors. When the sweat and odor glands in your underarms have been eliminated, you can feel confident in any outfit or scenario.

Is It Safe to Remove Sweat Glands?

Of course. You may have an issue if you stopped your body from ever sweating but, with over 2 million sweat glands around your body, those underarm ones tackled with miraDry won’t be missed. If you’re now slightly concerned that you’ll sweat excessively everywhere else to compensate, don’t worry—you won’t.

Why Not Just Use Antiperspirant?

While antiperspirants and deodorants can do a perfectly acceptable job on normal sweating, those who consider miraDry tend to be bothered by overactive underarm sweat glands no matter what product they try. As an example, a standard anti-perspirant can reduce sweating by around 20 percent, increasing to 30 percent for a maximum-strength brand. On the other hand, a single miraDry treatment can reduce underarm sweat and odor by up to 82 percent, so you can plan on reducing your stress levels right alongside reducing those sweat stains!

How Does miraDry Work?

miraDry works by combining electromagnetic waves with cooling technology, applied using a specially-designed handheld device. When you choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon and schedule a consultationto discuss your eligibility for miraDry, you’ll be provided with all the information you need about how miraDry works and whether you’re a good candidate.

Once miraWave technology has destroyed the sweat glands in your underarms, they’re gone for good.

What Can I Expect After miraDry?

As miraDry is non-surgical and non-invasive, there’s no recovery time involved, so you won’t need to block a chunk of time out of your already busy schedule. You may see results after a single treatment, however, the results can vary from person to person. Working with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon’s clinic will enable you to devise a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and give you more information on why miraDry is truly a treatment to feel thankful for.

Am I Eligible for miraDry?

If you’re concerned about excessive underarm sweating, fed up with antiperspirantstains on your favorite clothes, or regularly bothered by the thought of developing an unpleasant odor, you may be eligible for miraDry. The treatment can be suitable for both men and women, providing you’re in good overall physical and mental health.

Bear in mind that miraDry is suitable for use only on the underarms, so cannot treat excessive sweating elsewhere. If you’d like to know more about miraDry and how it could help you break free from those pesky sweat glands, book an initial consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon’s clinic.


What You Need to Know about miraDry® Treatments for Sweating
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What You Need to Know about miraDry® Treatments for Sweating
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