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Mommy Makeover

What Will My Mommy Makeover Include?

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Mommy makeovers are becoming more and more popular in recent years, due to all the stress on the body with breastfeeding and carrying a baby in the womb. When it comes to a mommy makeover, many believe it is just a single surgery or in a specific area like the stomach or breasts but this is not true. 

A mommy makeover consists of a range of treatments that are done at the same time or over a few weeks. With everybody being different and reacting differently to pregnancy, there is no one definition to a mommy makeover but it is what you feel you need sorting for you to be comfortable in the body, this can be discussed with your surgeon or doctor. 

If you are having a mommy makeover, it is important to have everything in place for you to be able to recover properly so get dad to get the baby washcloths and coverall bibs at the ready because he is going to be busy! In this article, we will go through the components of a mommy makeover and some essential pieces of information before having the surgery.

There is a range of different surgeries which can help moms get the look they want:

Other than the list above, many moms feel that they need more surgeries which include thigh lifts, arm lifts or a Brazilian butt lift. For safety reasons, it may be best to have this all done in a few sittings. It’s also important that you understand the full recovery process for each surgery and how this might affect you. For example, you might want to avoid heavy lifting following a tummy tuck so as not to cause injury to your scar’s healing, whereas compression clothing can help reduce swelling 

10 Things You Need to Know about a Mommy Makeover

  1. A mommy makeover is an outpatient surgery meaning that you will be able to recover at home. If you need further assistance during the first 24 hours, the surgeon may recommend you to stay overnight in a recovery suite.
  2. Recovery can take a while due to the number of different treatments but can usually take anything from a week to two weeks so it is best to find help for the whole two weeks to help with the swelling, bruising and soreness has gone down.
  3. You will be tired and tender for the first couple of weeks so it is best to have help around the house by having a family member or friend help out. This will also include the night feeds if you still have a baby.
  4. It is important not to drive until certain pain medications have been cut out as these can seriously affect your ability to drive. It is unwise to drive whilst in pain also due to the hard braking which could split stitched.
  5. Swelling can last for 6 months and even longer in some cases. Some benefits of a mommy makeover are immediate, whilst other results can’t be examined until the swelling has gone down which can take anything from six months to a year.
  6. Heavy lifting and exercise should be avoided at all costs for at least 6 weeks, which also include carrying children over 10 pounds. However, after this, it is encouraged to do some very light exercise which will aid in the recovery.
  7. Smoking is extremely unhealthy for your children and yourself, and this surgery is solely for non-smokers. This is due to smoking decreasing circulation, which delays healing and also increases the chance of serious complications. It is recommended that if you do smoke, then you should stop for at least four weeks or to stop smoking completely.
  8. It is important to allow yourself some time for exercise, whether this is for the gym or going for a run, it is important to ensure that the mommy makeover lasts. A combination of a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise will do just that. 
  9. It is empirical that you research before choosing a surgeon, they should be certified, and also have great reviews from clients. This is your body we are talking about, we don’t want any botch jobs.
  10. Your confidence is going to go through the roof once the swelling has gone down and you are looking like the yummy mummy you wanted to look like.
What Will My Mommy Makeover Include?
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What Will My Mommy Makeover Include?
Go through the components of a mommy makeover and some essential pieces of information before having the surgery.
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