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Breast Augmentation

What to Look for in a Post-Breast Augmentation Bra

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When it comes to your breast augmentation results, the bra you wear after your procedure can make all the difference. While choosing a bra may seem daunting, finding the right one can really help your breast implants settle properly and look beautiful for years to come. The kind of bra you need will depend on your stage of recovery, though a compression bra after breast augmentation is where you will start.

Post-Surgical Bras

After your breast augmentation, your cosmetic surgeon may provide you with a medical-grade compression bra. If not, they will most likely recommend you purchase these before your procedure so you can wear them for your initial breast augmentation recovery.

Compression bras work to keep wound dressings in place, protect your tender breast tissue, restrict implant movement, help reduce your swelling and promote healing immediately after your procedure.

It is a good idea to have a few compression bras so you can keep them clean around your incisions and change them as needed.

During your consultation and after your breast augmentation procedure, your surgeon will instruct you on how to wear these compression bras and how long you must wear them. In most cases, you will wear a compression bra every day and night for one to two weeks before transitioning to a more comfortable sports bra.

Transitioning to a Supportive Sports Bra

Your cosmetic surgeon will let you know when you can transition to a sports bra. Since everyone’s recovery is different this can occur anywhere from two weeks post-op to a month. However, this doesn’t mean you can just grab any old sports bra. You are still in post-op recovery, and your implants need support.

When looking for a good supportive sports bra, you want to avoid anything with underwire as this can irritate your incision. You want to find a bra that is comfortable for everyday wear as you will need to wear a sports bra until you are completely healed and your surgeon says you can transition to a regular support bra.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bra

When looking for a good sports bra, there are a few things to consider that will make your recovery easier and provide the support your implants and new breasts need.

  • No Underwire — Avoid bras with underwire at this time as it can cause irritation and discomfort.
  • Front Clasp — Look for sports bras with a front clasp or closure. This makes taking it off and putting it on easier and reduces the need for excessive movement around the breast tissue.
  • Good Support — Look for a bra that provides strong support for your breasts. You want a bra that keeps them positioned high on your chest.
  • Breathable Fabric — Because you are still healing, you want a bra made from breathable synthetic or a cotton-blend material. These materials will help keep your breasts dry and prevent excess moisture and irritation.
  • Adjustable Straps — As you continue to recover, swelling may go down and your implants will adjust their position. Having adjustable straps allows you to alter the fit as needed.
  • Comfortable Fit — Above all else, you want to find a bra that is comfortable for all-day wear while holding your breasts in place. Make sure there is not any excessive pressure anywhere on your breasts that could cause irritation.

Finding a Feminine Bra with Support

Most women look forward to the day that they can transition to a more feminine bra that lets them fully appreciate the look of their new breasts. Since every woman heals differently, your transition to a regular support bra may be longer or shorter than others. Your cosmetic surgeon will let you know when you are ready for a regular support bra.

When it is time to choose a regular support bra, you want to find one that provides enough support to keep your breasts from dropping too low. Finding the right bra is essential to keeping your breast implants looking great for many years.

What to Look for in a Post-Breast Augmentation Bra
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What to Look for in a Post-Breast Augmentation Bra
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