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What Should You Wear to a Breast Augmentation Consultation?

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Congratulations! You’ve narrowed down your search for the right cosmetic surgeon and are now getting ready for your breast augmentation consultation. This is an exciting first step toward loving your new look, and you can make the process even smoother by knowing what to wear, what to bring and what to ask during your breast consultation.

What to Wear to a Breast Consultation

You can plan to wear comfortable clothing to your breast augmentation consultation. Your cosmetic surgeon will likely assess your body shape and unique anatomical features to help provide guidance on the best surgical plan for you.

During your breast consultation, you should also have the opportunity to try on various breast implant sizers to help you get a better idea of how your implants will look on your body. Because of this, you’ll want to be wearing clothes that are easy to change in and out of.

What to Bring

Bring a sports bra along to your sizing consultation, as sports bras work easiest with sizers. 

If you’re going to be trying on sizer implants, it’s a good idea to bring a few bathing suit tops or bras that you want to fit into after your breast augmentation. Keep in mind, though, that breast implants are not measured in bra cup sizes, as there is no uniform measurement for cup sizes. Thus, a C cup in one brand and style of bra could be the equivalent of a D cup in another brand and style.

During your try-on session at your breast consultation, your cosmetic surgeon can help you to determine which breast implant options and implant size, measured in cubic centimeters, seem to best fit your natural body proportions and will help you achieve the added amount of volume you’re looking for. might also want to bring along a few photos of what you would like your breasts to look like after your procedure. If your cosmetic surgeon’s website includes before and after photos of former clients, point out which ones seem to most closely match the size and shape you want.

Don’t expect to look exactly like the women in breast augmentation photos. But photos can be helpful tools to use to communicate your personal goals with your cosmetic surgeon.

Questions to Ask

At your breast consult, feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like. In fact, the more questions you ask your cosmetic surgeon now, the smoother and less complicated the process will be moving forward. Many women find it helpful to compose a list of questions to ask beforehand to make sure they cover everything they’d wanted to talk about.

Some important questions to include on this list are:

  • How many breast augmentations have you performed in the past?
  • What is your medical training and education background?
  • Do you think I’m a good candidate for breast augmentation?
  • Which surgical technique(s) do you think are the most appropriate for my situation?
  • What should I expect before my procedure?
  • What is breast augmentation recovery like?

Take a Tour

Once you’ve had a chance to meet your cosmetic surgeon, ask questions and try on implant sizers, ask to take a tour of the office, including the exam room where your breast augmentation would take place. Everything should be clean and organized, and you shouldn’t feel rushed through your tour or visit.

If your consultation goes off without a hitch and you feel comfortable and confident working with this particular cosmetic surgeon, go ahead and book your appointment and start preparing for your breast augmentation!


What Should You Wear to a Breast Augmentation Consultation?
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What Should You Wear to a Breast Augmentation Consultation?
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