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Wellness Techniques to Cope with Covid-19 Anxiety

Whether it is stress from working from home, anxieties over possible job losses, or struggles coping with self-isolation, Covid-19 has turned everyone’s lives upside down. As ​Covid-19 has impacted the beauty industry​ and a whole host of other industries significantly, it is important to listen to our bodies when we are feeling down.

As the beauty industry is slowly re-opening and back in business, life is still far from normal. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits self isolation has actually had to offer and possible coping methods to continue looking after your health and wellbeing.

Steps to Take to Overcome any Covid-19 Anxieties

With the current news agenda and heightened press awareness of Covid-19 fatalities, Covid-19 has been a significant worry, especially for those who currently have underlying health conditions. However, due to life slowing down and numerous industries shutting their doors, including the beauty industry, acknowledging and looking after your mental health should be viewed just as important as physical health.

In fact, added pressures caused by Covid-19 can heighten the potential for other health related illnesses happening, for example; anxiety, panic attacks, and paranoia to name a few. At ​Pall Mall Medical​, the team of consultant psychologists recommend the following coping methods to reduce any workplace stresses and anxieties so when gradually, industries return back to normal, your mental health will remain positive:

1) Mindfulness methods including wellness apps
2) Reducing time spent on social platforms
3) Decluttering the brain or house
4) Online shopping.

Mindfulness Methods including Wellness Apps

We recommend using mindfulness techniques to provide you with mental health and wellbeing benefits. Mindfulness techniques are easy to complete in the comfort of your own home and are, in most instances, free!

In particular, as private psychologist consultant specialists, we recommend practicing meditation. Yes – sitting still, focusing on the present moment and the breath might not be everyone’s cup of tea but this will help you put everything currently happening in your life into perspective, helping you stay positive both at home and in work.

As the beauty industry and spas in general have such a calming presence about them, adding meditation onto your daily routines will prove to be energizing. We all must work together to decrease stress and focus on the present situation we are faced with. Take a look in the app store and try out some apps to help you stay calm, focused and at peace.

Reduce Time Spent on Social Platforms

We recommend removing the hourly news bulletin on your phone or smart device, but swap this to catching up on the news and current agendas for 20 minutes in the evening. As the news has particularly heightened stress levels during the pandemic and with numerous ‘false’ story claims, limiting your time to catching up on the news and doing this in the evening when the mind has recuperated after a busy day in the salon or office can help you relax.

We recommend using your smartphone or device for watching Netflix, or why not even read a book in the time you would usually spend scrolling through social media sites? Also make sure you use your phone and video calling to stay connected to friends and family and all support each other in these weird times.

Decluttering the Brain or House

When you have finished working for the day, it is easy to just sit back, relax, and do nothing. Although this is positive and allows the mind to relax, a great way to switch off is to declutter.
As a great way to keep the mind active and switch states from a focus on work or other issues, decluttering the kitchen cupboards, the guest bedroom, or your home office area positively impacts your mental wellbeing.

With benefits including better concentration and better sleeping patterns, decluttering helps you empty the mind and get you in a relaxing state to refresh your mind.

Online Shopping

Believe it or not, doing your weekly shopping out of the comfort of your own home or purchasing non-essential items online can give you peace of mind that you are not in-contact with anyone and you get a sense of excitement when the order is delivered.

With no direct contact with people through this method, whether you need to purchase beauty supplies or other products, online shopping can be done with the click of a few buttons and allow you to spend the rest of your evening stress free.

Coping Mechanisms the Beauty Sector Should Follow

As you might be returning back to work, or thinking of better ways to make your beauty salon or clinic more secure, following these steps can put your mind at ease. If you are experiencing a prolonged period of stress or anxiousness and it is starting to drastically affect your routine, we as ​consultant psychologists ​recommend you contact your doctor who will be able to advise on the next steps.

Wellness Techniques to Cope with Covid-19 Anxiety
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Wellness Techniques to Cope with Covid-19 Anxiety
Read on to hear a Consultant Psychologists perspective on how to ease covid-19 anxieties. Focusing on your physical and mental health is vitally important.
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