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Wedding Makeup Ideas for Every Kind of Bride

What kind of bride are you? Choosing your desired wedding day aesthetic is essential, because only then can you come up with a makeup look that will bring your vision to life. There’s a distinctive option for every bride, from those who love the natural look to those who adore all things vintage. Here’s your chance to find some stunning inspiration before the big day.

The Influencer Bride

As the Influencer Bride, you want your wedding day to be the freshest of the fresh. You love following the latest trends in hair, fashion, and makeup, and you want your big day to reflect that. Depending on what’s on trend at the time, you may decide to play around with an ombre makeup look, especially on your eyelids and lips. The color palette is up to you. You may want it to match your color scheme of pretty pinks, or you may opt for shades that flatter your eye color, hair color, and skin tone, such as purple or a daring mix of orange and peach. Don’t forget some to-die-for lashes, either. Voluminous eyelashes are on-point for influencer culture.

The Au Naturel Bride

Ah, the Au Naturel Bride. You like to keep it simple, sweet, and natural. If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, then you should think about keeping your makeup natural, too. That doesn’t mean wearing nothing, of course. A bit of eyeliner, dewy cheeks, glowing skin, and a soft shade of lipstick will do the trick. Consider choosing natural cosmetics to match your theme. Cover any blemishes with a light foundation or a BB cream, and you’re good to go, looking beautiful and fresh.

The Couture Bride

To achieve a high-fashion look for the wedding day, the Couture Bride needs a fabulous gown, naturally. The details don’t stop there, however. Feel free to go all out with your makeup so that you look as fierce and regal as your soul as you glide down the aisle to your spouse-to-be. Contour your face to give it a flawless, sculpted look. Create an enviable glow by highlighting. From there, you’ll need to choose whether you want dramatic eyes or a dramatic lip. A truly high-fashion bride knows that less is more.

The Hollywood Glam Bride

Hollywood glam is a go-to theme for weddings. It never goes out of style. The good news is that the look is simple, but it’s still a showstopper. For the most part, you can achieve a glamorous Old Hollywood aesthetic with a vivid red lip, a thin swipe of eyeliner—perhaps a light wing—plenty of mascara, and glowing cheeks. If you want to wear eyeshadow, then think about a faint dusting of gold.

The Eye-Popping Bride

The eyes have it, bride-to-be. You want your eyes to pop on your big day, so that’s where you need to focus your makeup. Treat yourself to a bit of eyebrow grooming about a week before the ceremony. You can book an appointment at your favorite salon or get the tools you need to do the job yourself. Make sure that your eyebrows are shaped perfectly, use the products that you love, and then go crazy with dramatic eye makeup, such as a smoky eye in a modern color palette.

The Statement Bride

The Statement Bride is all about the metallics. To achieve this aesthetic, you can copy the red lip of Hollywood glam, but the focus should be on your eyes. It’s not all about your eyebrows, but the techniques and accents you choose. A gilded eye is drop-dead gorgeous, so don’t be too shy to go for the gold—literally. If your jewelry or dress details are gold, then this look will go over especially well, but matching isn’t necessary for you to be a statement-maker on this most momentous day. In addition to gold eyeshadow and perhaps even gold liner, why not adorn your gorgeous eyes with unique designs? Via stick-on adhesives or liquid liner, you can create gold circles, wings, or anything else your heart desires. Frame them with long, thick lashes so they pop even more.

The Retro Bride

The Retro Bride gets points for her vintage appeal. Pick an era that you love and bring it all together on your wedding day. That might involve the red lipstick and arched brows of the 1950s or the sun-kissed hippie-chic look from the 1960s. Whatever the case, bring your retro aesthetic to life with the right makeup and hair. You can always experiment with clip-ins and extensions to get the hairdo you want.

Select a makeup look that flatters your face and makes you feel like the most beautiful bride who ever walked down the aisle. The most important thing on your wedding day is to be yourself. What kind of bride will you be?

Wedding Makeup Ideas for Every Kind of Bride
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Wedding Makeup Ideas for Every Kind of Bride
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