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Uneven? Square? Tight? It Gets Weird after Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation can deliver incredible results, but these are not seen immediately after surgery. In fact, for several months after the procedure, things can get a little weird.

For those who are prepared, this isn’t an issue; they know that everything will settle into place in time. However, if you don’t know what to expect after breast augmentation, what you see and feel might worry you.

A Sensation of Tightness

One completely normal part of recovery from breast augmentation is a feeling of tightness. This occurs with any augmentation but is more pronounced when the implants are placed under the muscle. This can also be more intense when a breast augmentation and lift are combined.

The sensation of tightness is caused by two factors. First is that the implant is pressing against the tissues, which can cause a strain. Second is the swelling that comes after surgery, which tends to be at its maximum 3 to 5 days after the procedure. Most of the discomfort should dissipate after a few weeks, though the feeling of tightness in the chest muscles can continue for a month or so.

Strange Shapes and Unevenness

After surgery, it isn’t just how the chest feels that can be alarming — it is also how the breasts and nipples look. So, what should you expect after breast augmentation surgery? Some pretty off shapes. From torpedo shapes that would feel at home in bullet bras from the 1950s to squares that are more SpongeBob than sexy, the appearance of the breasts directly after surgery sometimes leaves patients thinking the procedure was botched.

The breasts won’t look picture-perfect right away. Give it a few months before you worry about the results.

However, in the majority of cases, everything is fine. This is just how the breasts will look until they drop and fluff.

Drop is when the implants lower into place, and fluff is when they fill in the tissue below the nipple. This takes time, as much as 3 to 4 months after surgery. And each breast can experience drop and fluff at different times, which means that in addition to strange shapes, things can be uneven for a while too.

Other Things to Expect

Beyond the look of the breasts after surgery, there are various symptoms that clients can expect. These include chest discomfort, feeling tired and even being bloated and constipated. All of these things are perfectly normal after most surgeries, and breast augmentation is no different.

Trust the Surgeon

Feeling alarmed when things don’t look the way you expect them to is understandable. However, you should trust your surgeon. Don’t be afraid to call or set up an appoint to address your concerns, but if they tell you the look is normal at the given stage of healing, you should relax. The majority of breast augmentation patients are happy with their results. Once everything is healed and settled into place, chances are you will be too.


Uneven? Square? Tight? It Gets Weird after Breast Augmentation
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Uneven? Square? Tight? It Gets Weird after Breast Augmentation
Dr. Joseph Castellano of Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa, Florida goes over what to expect after breast augmentation.
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