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Treatment Combos & Other Hot Trends in Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Combos

Plastic surgery trends are always changing – even if the top procedures often remain more or less the same. The pandemic ushered in many twists in the industry, but now that the curve is flattening, COVID-19 isn’t the factor it once was. So, now that we are well into 2022, how are these trends shaping up?

A Rush for Procedures before Work from Home Ends

Many companies are now pushing for workers to return to the office. With these deadlines looming, people who have been considering plastic surgery are now in a rush to book their procedures while they still have the comfort and flexibility of working from home.

Heavy Focus on Facial Procedures

The Zoom Boom may be old news at this point, but we are still feeling its effects. Video conferencing made many of us well aware of the fine lines and wrinkles you just don’t pick up on when looking in the mirror. Even for those who are back to the office, this awareness remains and is driving a desire for facial plastic surgery and med spa procedures.

Renewed Interest in Body Plastic Surgeries

The Zoom Boom may be over but we are still feeling – and seeing – its effects.

If video conferencing made us hyper-aware of our faces, returning to in-person work after two years of working – and snacking – from home will leave us thinking a lot about our bodies. Liposuction and other forms of body contouring are in high demand by those looking to get workplace ready for the first time since 2019.

A Sudden Interest in Ear Pinning

Is mask-wearing causing people’s ears to stick out? The research isn’t conclusive on this, but at the very least, masks have highlighted our ears and made people think about theirs a lot more than they ever did in the past. Now, ear pinning is steadily gaining in popularity and remains big in 2022.

A Dip in Demand Over the Summer

While this is just a guess, many plastic surgeons think we will see a dip in demand over the summer. Why is that? This is the first summer in two years when things will be open, mask mandates are gone and there is less worry about getting sick. People are going to want to take trips and see loved ones, not spend time recovering from surgery.

But a Surge in Demand Come Fall

This summer dip will likely result in a surge once the weather starts turning colder – and cold and flu season is upon us. People will be less interested in going out and the usual cold-weather hibernation lends itself well to recovering at home.

More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery

While the majority of patients are still women – and that will likely always be the case – more and more men are opting to get procedures that roll back the clock, masculinize their features or trim their waists. In fact, this is a trend not just for 2022, but one that has been seen for many years, and isn’t one we see losing steam any time soon.

Of course, you shouldn’t select your procedures based on trends. To talk about your goals and get tailored advice, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon.


Treatment Combos & Other Hot Trends in Plastic Surgery
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Treatment Combos & Other Hot Trends in Plastic Surgery
What are the big plastic surgery trends of 2022? Dr. Stephen M. Davis at Green Hills Plastic Surgery in Nashville has the details.
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