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Traditional vs. PowerLipo™: What’s the Difference?

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If you’ve been looking into liposuction, you’ve probably realized there are actually several different types of lipo available. Traditional liposuction, has been around for a long time, while PowerLipo™ is a newer technique. What’s the difference, and which is right for you?

Procedure Specifics

Both traditional liposuction and PowerLipo™ involve breaking up deposits of subcutaneous fat (the fat that lies just below the skin) and then removing it with suction. The big difference is in how the two procedures actually break up that fat:

  • Traditional liposuction involves making an incision near the target area about an inch long. Then a cannula is used to begin the fat removal process.  Because of the vigorous motions of the cannula required, general anesthesia is often necessary. Afterwards, sutures are used to close the incisions.
  • PowerLipo™ is a less invasive technique that uses tumescent fluid to liquefy the fat and numb the skin prior to fat removal.  Small 2 mm incisions are made near the treatment area that do not require stitches as they heal by themselves. Since theis technique is far less traumatic to the surrounding tissues, general anesthesia isn’t needed. PowerLipo™ is also more precise, which means it can work on smaller, trickier areas like the chin.

After the Procedure

Both methods are effective ways of removing unwanted fat. Because PowerLipo™ has a less invasive nature, however, patients tend to experience less swelling, less bleeding, and less discomfort in addition to superior results; the recovery time after PowerLipo™ is much shorter as well. Whereas patients might not be able to return to work for three weeks after traditional lipo, those who have gotten PowerLipo™ can often return to work and family within 24 hours.  Always check with your physician to see which option might be best for you.

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