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Top 5 Beauty Trends We’ll Be Seeing Everywhere

We are approaching 2020 and it is time to experience some new fashion and interesting makeup trends. In the upcoming year, we will be seeing a lot of new trends, while some will need to stay in the past (neon liner I am looking at you). So, if you want to be the queen of beauty and you want to hop on all of the coolest trends, here’s what you should look into.

1. Matte Smokey Eye

A matte smokey eye is something that can look great on anyone! It doesn’t matter what eye shape you have, or what is your favorite color – it is a universally amazing go-to look. If you love and prefer matte shadows over shimmers you will love this trend. It is long-lasting, and ideal for night-outs or any other formal events.

How to do it?
Apply an eyeshadow base or a primer that will hold your shadows during the day. Start at the crease and apply your favorite brown, blue, purple or black shadow. Leave the look feminine, muted or sultry depending on your event.

2. Extreme Brows

Everyone loves the fluffy brow trend, and it can look amazing as long as you have some material to work with. Women who aren’t blessed with naturally fuller and fluffier brows should use a brow enhancing gel. It boosts your growth in time and if you apply it properly. It will leave you with bushier and more voluminous brows in 3-4 weeks.

How to do it?
Brush your brows upwards with a brow spoolie. Add your favorite brow gel to the middle portion, and shape the corners with a brow pencil. Make sure your moves are slow and steady and you will end up with the perfect fluffy brows.

3. Lash Extensions

Women in 2020 will be all about low-maintenance. If you are someone who wants to save time early in the morning you will need and want a set of lash extensions. These can open up your eyes and give you an insane amount of volume, without you even reaching for your mascara! Stay away from lash curlers and glue-on lashes and still enjoy a sultry outcome every time you get out of bed.

How to do it?
Book an appointment with your favorite and trustworthy lash artist. They should be skilled enough to give you a set of voluminous lashes in less than 60 minutes. Once placed down your lashes will last you for 3 weeks! This means that you’ll invest minimal time in your eye makeup application.

4. Sleek Straight Hair

Sleek straight and frizz-free hair, who doesn’t love this? Women with any hair type will love long and old school Kim Kardashian hair. If you are someone who has naturally long hair just blow dry it and style properly. If you are someone who has texture and you need to tame it down you should get Olaplex treatments.

How to do it?
Olaxplex is a hair-care treatment which you should do every 6 months. It is filled with protein and keratin which will diminish frizz and restore your dry or burnt ends. It is on a pricier side, but it is a must-have if you want sleek shiny hair. Also, it is an amazing treatment before or after the summer season since it protects the strands and restores dryness.

5. Plumped Lips

Do you love the look of fuller lips, but you are not intrigued in getting lip fillers? This is totally fine. Women who want to achieve juicy lips should use a plumping lip gloss! This little item can do so much for any lip shape and is actually long-lasting once applied.

How to do it?
Purchase a color that is the closest to your natural lips. Apply the plumping gloss every 2 hours. Make sure it doesn’t irritate you and that it doesn’t sting way too much. Once it sets into your lip lines, you will love the outcome!

Top 5 Beauty Trends We'll Be Seeing Everywhere
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Top 5 Beauty Trends We'll Be Seeing Everywhere
If you want to be the queen of beauty and you want to hop on all of the coolest trends, here's what you should look into for 2020.
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