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Breast Augmentation

Top 3 Myths about Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation For women considering breast augmentation in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, it’s very natural to have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, many of these concerns arise because of the persistent myths surrounding breast implants. Here are a few of the most common ones I hear from Tampa women as possible reasons to rethink getting breast implants:

Myth #1: Breast Implants Always Look Fake

This couldn’t be more false, especially with all the newest advances in breast implants themselves as well as continually improving techniques. While it’s true that there are some women who prefer a more dramatic look following surgery, there are many women who have such beautiful, natural results after their augmentation that you’d never guess they had implants.

Myth #2: Saline Is Safer than Silicone

Prior generation silicone implants were removed from the U.S. market due to potential safety concerns, but the FDA did not find evidence that silicone implants caused any greater incidence of side effects than saline implants, and no links to any autoimmune disorders. Silicone implants have since been redesigned so that they have a much lower risk of rupture, and are approved for primary breast augmentation for women age 22 and older. Today, both types of implants have approximately the same low complication rate.

Myth #3: Women with Implants Can’t Breastfeed

Implants don’t mean an end to breastfeeding capability. Let your surgeon know ahead of time that maintaining nursing function is important to you, and surgery can be planned to maximize the integrity of the milk ducts. These days, you don’t have to choose between breast implants and breastfeeding.

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