Breast Augmentation

Top 10 Benefits of Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation surgery is among the most popular plastic surgeries in the world. The breasts are an integral part of the feminine. For women who lose their breasts, experience changes, or were born with naturally small breasts, breast augmentation offers several benefits. Here are the top 10 benefits of breast augmentation.

#1: Fill Out Curves

Women naturally have all different types of curves. Though, many women want an S-shaped body which may require augmenting the breasts, buttocks, or both. Placing breast implants can also balance out a woman’s other body contours and bring them into aesthetic alignment.

#2: Restore Breast Volume After Mastectomy

Mastectomy is a procedure that removes the breasts usually because of breast cancer. This can be a stark and painful change for women who have otherwise enjoyed their breasts their entire lives. Luckily, breast reconstruction surgery can use breast implants to help restore breast volume and the appearance of breasts.

#3: Correct Asymmetrical Breasts

All breasts have some degree of asymmetry. This is perfectly normal and expected. Most people normally do not notice it. However, occasionally a woman may have significant asymmetry that affects wearing bras and clothing. It may even cause back or neck pain if the difference is large enough. Breast implants can help address this and make the breasts more symmetrical.

#4: Address Changes To The Breast After Pregnancy

Outside of factors like cancer, pregnancy has the biggest effect on the look of the breasts. Sometimes the breasts may gain volume and other times they may lose it. They can begin to sag. Breast augmentation can help restore lost volume after pregnancy. Sometimes a breast lift is performed at the same time to address breast sagging.

#5: Multiple Incision Options

Plastic surgeons can place breast implants through incisions on different areas of the body. For a standard silicone implant, there are three options: inframammary fold, areola, and underarm. The different incision placement options give patients the choice on where they want their scars to be.

#6: Expanded Clothing Options

If a woman has small breasts or has lost breast volume, sometimes clothing that otherwise fits perfectly will gape in the chest or upper body. Filling out the breasts can help solve this problem. Additionally, people with small breasts may not feel comfortable wearing low cut or cleavage revealing clothing. Breast augmentation can help give them this confidence.

#7: Ideal For Thin Patients

Fat transfer to the breasts is an option for patients who have some extra fat on their body. Additionally, patients who have a good amount of breast tissue can have silicone implants without the worry of visible wrinkling. Silicone breast implants—usually placed under the muscle—provide the best results to petite and smaller patients who may not have the breast tissue to adequately disguise a saline implant or not enough fat to transfer.

#8: More Youthful Contours

Full breasts are often indicative of youth because age can cause the breasts to lose volume and perkiness. Breast augmentation can address lost volume and create more youthful looking body contours. It is not just the face that can give away age, but the way the body changes as well. Breast augmentation can help disguise these changes.

#9: Improved Self Confidence

Patients seeking breast augmentation often feel self-conscious about their breasts before surgery. After the placement of breast implants, it is common for women to feel more self-confident and self-assured. This can lead to more confidence in other aspects of their life such as relationships and work.

#10: Looks & Feels Natural

Modern breast implants are designed to look and feel natural in the breasts. Once the breast implants drop into place and the patient finishes healing, they can expect their breasts to look and feel natural. Patients can promote the most natural results by choosing to place the implants under the chest muscle.


Breast augmentation offers patients many possible benefits that can affect several aspects of their life. As one of the most performed surgeries in the world, surgical techniques, and breast implants are largely considered safe and effective. Women can get the breasts they have always wanted and feel more confident after choosing to get breast implants.

Top 10 Benefits of Breast Augmentation
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Top 10 Benefits of Breast Augmentation
For women who lose their breasts, experience changes, or were born with naturally small breasts, breast augmentation offers several benefits.
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