Breast Augmentation

Three Things to Do the Day Before Your Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

In the days leading up to your breast augmentation procedure, you’ll likely be feeling excited and maybe a little anxious, which is completely normal. The day before your appointment, there are a few specific steps you can take to help yourself prepare for a smooth and seamless recovery and boost your breast augmentation results.

  1. Set Up a Recovery Area

    As soon as you get home from your breast augmentation surgery, you’ll want to have a cozy place to rest and recover. Create a comfortable area, preferably in a quiet part of the house, where you can relax for the first few days after your procedure.

    Stock up on books and movies and make sure you have all the essentials to keep you comfy, within arm’s reach, including ice packs, tissues, lip balm and the TV remote.

  2. Gather Loose-Fitting Clothing

    On the day of your breast augmentation, wear loose-fitting clothing without a bra, as your plastic surgeon will more than likely send you home with a surgical bra to wear for the next few days. Further, you may find it difficult to lift your arms over your head to put on a regular shirt, so stock up on a few button-downs to make recovery a little simpler.

  3. Don’t Eat or Drink after Midnight

    Your plastic surgeon should give you specific guidelines about when to refrain from eating and drinking before your surgery. Generally speaking, don’t eat or drink, even water, after midnight the day before your breast augmentation.

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