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Three Benefits of Micro Lipo

Micro liposuction is a more precise type of liposuction that allows surgeons to target smaller, more delicate areas of the body for fat removal while minimizing swelling, scarring and recovery time for the patient. Micro lipo can offer three clear benefits for men and women seeking micro-style contouring.

1. Micro Lipo Targets Delicate Areas

Micro liposuction uses very tiny incisions and specially-designed micro cannulas (tubes for suction) to gently and safely remove fat, and is therefore ideal for targeting areas of the body where finesse matters the most, such as the neck, jowls, inner thighs, and ankles. Micro lipo allows for effective toning and shaping with minimal trauma, which also means less bruising and swelling.

2. Micro Lipo Creates Refined Contours

Since smaller equipment is being used, microliposuction can create superior results, allowing surgeons to create beautifully sculpted, refined contours. With micro lipo, surgeons can be as meticulous as needed to fine-tune the body, especially in places that are traditionally difficult to address like the neck, elbows, knees and ankles.

3. Micro Lipo Minimizes Recovery Time

The tiny incisions and gentler technique used for micro lipo mean that scarring, swelling, discomfort and downtime after surgery are all dramatically reduced compared to traditional liposuction. Micro lipo can be performed under local or twilight anesthesia, and patients can expect to return to work and most normal activities within two to three days after surgery.

Remember, while microliposuction can be ideal for patients with very specific cosmetic concerns, body contouring is not a solution for weight loss. Talk to your doctor about your individual needs and goals for your body to determine if micro lipo could be right for you.

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