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Tummy Tuck

The Tummy Tuck Mistakes People Wish They Could Undo

Tummy tuck mistakes to avoid concept. Woman wearing a tank top while placing her hands across on her stomach.

Abdominoplasty — also known as a tummy tuck — is one of the most popular body contouring procedures in the country. However, there are many factors that go into planning the perfect procedure, in order to meet your unique needs and goals.

To achieve the smooth, natural-looking results you are looking for, avoid these five all-too-common mistakes when planning for your upcoming tummy tuck.

1. Not Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

As eager as you may be to choose a plastic surgeon and begin planning the details of your abdominoplasty, it is crucial that you slow down and take your time when choosing the right board-certified plastic surgeon.

Not only do you need to check for credentials and expertise, but you also need to make sure you feel comfortable and confident working with this particular plastic surgeon.

Do not be afraid to schedule more than one tummy tuck consultation to help you narrow down your search and ensure that you’re 100 percent satisfied with your choice.

2. Not Reaching Weight Loss Goals First

Body contouring procedures like a tummy tuck and liposuction are meant to supplement healthy lifestyle habits like getting enough exercise and eating the right foods. Therefore, you should not expect to lose a significant amount of weight after your procedure.

For this reason, you will see the best results if you are able to achieve your weight loss goals before moving forward with abdominoplasty.

3. Not Including Liposuction

If you have recently reached a significant weight loss goal, talk to your plastic surgeon about post-weight loss procedure options.

While you should come as close as possible to reaching your ideal weight before getting a tummy tuck, adding liposuction can help to address small areas of stubborn fat that are not responding to exercise.

Many people choose to get liposuction on their backside, hips and/or thighs at the same time as their tummy tuck.

4. Not Planning for the Recovery Process

Generally speaking, plan to take around two weeks off work and other daily duties to properly recover from your tummy tuck. Remember that abdominoplasty is still a surgical procedure, so your body will need adequate time to rest and recover.

Prior to the day of your tummy tuck, prepare your home and family for your recovery period by arranging for help with childcare, pet care and daily household chores ahead of time.

Many people also find it helpful to prepare a quiet recovery space in advance so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you get home from your procedure.

5. Not Getting a Tummy Tuck Sooner

One of the biggest regrets people experience after having their tummy tuck is that they didn’t begin the process sooner. If you are thinking about getting a tummy tuck but aren’t quite sure if this is the right time in your life for such a procedure, go ahead and schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

There is no pressure to schedule your surgery after your consultation. However, this discussion could help you decide if abdominoplasty is something you may be interested in pursuing at this time.


The Tummy Tuck Mistakes People Wish They Could Undo
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The Tummy Tuck Mistakes People Wish They Could Undo
The board-certified plastic surgeons at Kaufman & Davis Plastic Surgery in Sacramento share 5 top tummy tuck mistakes to avoid when planning your procedure.
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