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Eyelid Surgery

The Top 3 Myths about Eyelid Surgery

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The delicate eye area is often one of the first to show signs of aging, typically due to heavy upper lids or sagging below the eyes. With eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, I can correct droopy lids for a more alert and refreshed look. Yet, despite its ongoing popularity, there are still a few persistent myths surrounding eyelid surgery.

1. The Results Will Look Too Obvious

The goal of eyelid surgery is to restore a fresh appearance to the eye area that rejuvenates the entire upper face. During the procedure, I can remove excess skin and occasionally fat from the upper and lower lids for a rested look that doesn’t change your natural eye shape or expression, and won’t look obviously surgical. It’s important to remember that choosing a skilled facial plastic surgeon is integral to ensuring beautiful results.

2. Only Improves Upper Lids

Eyelid surgery can be performed on either the upper or lower lids, or both at the same time. Most often, I correct the upper lids by removing any excess loose skin, while the lower lids may need fatty tissue removed or repositioned, especially for those men and women with visible puffiness or bags under the eyes. In addition to the surgery itself, I may recommend BOTOX® to correct crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles for more comprehensive results.

3. It’s Only for “Old” People

Eyelid surgery is actually very popular for patients under the age of 50, most likely because the appearance of the eyes has such an impact on the rest of the face. Many men and women who are years away from considering a facelift can see very nice results from eyelid surgery.

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