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Breast Augmentation

The Top 20 Things You Need to Know for a Breast Augmentation

Where breast augmentation was once a choice that was pursued but not necessarily discussed, the world of cosmetic treatment has today seen a drastic shift in social perception of this popular procedure. Patients choose to undergo breast augmentation for a variety of reasons ranging from purely aesthetic to reconstructive. Whatever the motivation may be, as this procedure becomes more commonplace, it provides an opportunity to discuss everything that goes into the process. Here are the top 20 things you’ll want to consider before undergoing a breast augmentation.

1. It’s Not Just About Size

Breast augmentation isn’t exclusively about increasing breast size, particularly when the decision is made for aesthetics. It’s important to voice your preferences related to shape and natural appearance and comfort level as well.

2. Saline vs. Silicone

Patients have a choice between saline or silicone implants when undergoing a traditional breast augmentation. It’s not only important to understand the differences but to be sure of any allergies to either of these materials before undergoing the procedure.

3. Take Time to Select a Physician

While breast augmentations are more commonplace, they still require extensive expertise when it comes to successful results. To this end, it’s important that patients take plenty of time to research options and select a physician who regularly performs this procedure with outstanding results.

4. Fat Transfer is an Option

Implants have long been the standard for breast augmentation, but those looking to avoid saline or silicone can now opt for fat transfers instead. As an added bonus, this procedure reduced fat cells in one area of the body before they’re replaced in the breasts.

5. Understand the Cost

The cost of breast augmentation varies between physicians and is highly dependent on the type of procedure and implant material selected. It’s important to understand the cost in addition to consultations and follow up appointments before undergoing a breast augmentation.

6. Talk It Over with Loved Ones

It’s essential that patients feel comfortable enough with their decision to discuss breast augmentation with loved ones. This procedure is made easier with the support of family and friends willing and able to discuss all the possibilities.

7. Take Your Time

While the options to undergo breast augmentation can be exciting, it’s important to take plenty of time to make a decision. This type of procedure is personal, and a patient should never feel rushed into making a decision by family, friends or a physician.

8. Consider Recovery Time

Particularly for those patients who select the implant route, it’s important to consider the recovery time involved with breast augmentation. For many, the standard time to heal is considered to be upwards of six weeks.

9. Evaluate Family Plans

While innovations in the field of cosmetic surgery have made it possible for women who undergo a breast augmentation to carry on with normal child-rearing activities such as breastfeeding, it’s recommended that patients always take time to plan an augmentation around the potential for childbirth as this makes a significant difference in body shape and breast size over the short and long-term.

10. It May Take Multiple Surgeries

Patients who are looking to increase their breast size significantly may be surprised by the fact that it may take more than one procedure to achieve the desired results. It’s important to discuss this with your physician prior to undergoing treatment of any type.

11. You Should Ask a Lot of Questions

There’s no need to be shy about asking questions when it comes to breast augmentations. An empathetic physician will always take time to answer and will do so time and again if necessary.

12. Age May Be a Factor

There are some recommendations surrounding age and the type of breast implant a patient should select. While this is not a strict guideline, the FDA suggests women not get saline breast implants until 18 years of age and refrain from silicone implants until the age of 22.

13. Find Your Network

Support is key before choosing to undergo breast augmentation and speaking with others who have undergone the procedure is important. Make sure to establish a network of individuals you can talk to who have experienced this type of procedure in the past.

14. Be Realistic about Emotional Results

It’s essential that patients do not confuse the results of a breast augmentation with emotional results. While aesthetic changes can lead to an increase in self-esteem, it’s important that patients realize mental health and physical changes need to be attended to separately.

15. It Isn’t One Size Fits All

It’s easy to assume that one implant type fits all but this just isn’t the case. Patients have options between round and teardrop implants that significantly change the final look of the breasts.

16. Have a Follow Up Fitness Plan

You may not be able to keep up with your pre-procedure fitness routine after breast augmentation, but there are plenty of options for modifications as you heal. How you plan on staying fit after augmentation is an important thing to consider when it comes to maintaining successful results.

17. Keep Up with FDA Notices on Implants

While breast augmentation is a relatively safe procedure, patients who have selected implants will want to keep up with current FDA notices and recommendations related to implants’ safety.

18. Consider Weight Fluctuations

Patients who tend to fluctuate in size and weight frequently will want to consider a diet or exercise routine that helps them maintain a goal weight prior to undergoing breast augmentation.

19. Take Placement into Consideration

Having implants placed under or above the muscle is an important decision a patient will need to make alongside their physician prior to undergoing breast augmentation. Where and also how an implant is placed around muscle can greatly affect the final look of the breast.

20. Don’t Hesitate to Have Multiple Consultations Before Taking the Leap

Multiple consultations are encouraged before making the final decision to undergo breast augmentation. A caring and professional physician will always be willing to work with a prospective patient many times over before agreeing to help them reach their aesthetic goals.

The Top 20 Things You Need to Know for a Breast Augmentation
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The Top 20 Things You Need to Know for a Breast Augmentation
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