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Tummy Tuck

The Secret to Beautiful Mini Tummy Tuck Results

A mini tummy tuck can provide just the right amount of contouring for patients with excess skin and fatty tissue below the belly button, creating a sleek and smooth midsection. While a mini tummy tuck can be an excellent option for improving body shape in the right patients, not everyone is an ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck. Here is a closer look at the secret behind beautiful mini tummy tuck results.

Excess Tissue and Skin in the Lower Abdomen

One of the primary differences between a mini and a full (traditional) tummy tuck is the scope of the procedure. While a mini tummy tuck focuses solely on the lower abdomen, specifically in the area under the belly button, a traditional tummy tuck can remove excess skin and fatty tissue from both the upper and lower abdomen. Patients with more pronounced deposits of tissue or baggy skin throughout the stomach may benefit more from a traditional tummy tuck.

Toning of Abdominal Muscles, Not Full Repair

During a mini tummy tuck, the lower abdominal muscles can be tightened with internal sutures if necessary, which can be ideal for patients with minor abdominal separation. However, patients in need of a more dramatic improvement in the abdominal wall may need the more aggressive treatment of a traditional tummy tuck.

Advantages of a Mini Tummy Tuck

With proper candidacy, the mini tummy tuck can offer many advantages. Patients who are in need of lower abdominal contouring without the more extensive upper abdominal treatment can benefit from smaller incisions, a quicker recovery, and keeping their belly button intact. By carefully planning for which tummy tuck is right for your needs, you can help ensure that you achieve your ideal final outcome.

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