Breast Enhancement

The Many Reasons Why Women Love Life after Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast Enhancement Surgery

Women have all sorts of reasons for getting breast enhancement surgery. Whether it’s breast augmentation, breast reduction or a combination BA and lift, the benefits of enhancement often extend beyond simple aesthetics and attracting the male gaze. Women who thoughtfully undergo breast surgery can experience less pain, a boost in self-esteem and a greater love of life after their procedure. Women who love their breasts and bodies love their lives.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 98 percent of women who undergo breast augmentation are satisfied with their results. Sixty-four percent of women reported an increased quality of life after their surgeries and recovery. So why are so many women loving their lives after breast enhancement surgery? If you’ve ever considered a breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast augmentation with lift, read on and learn how breast surgery could enhance the quality of your life, too.

Breast Enhancement Boosts Confidence

Everyone has heard the old “look good, feel good” adage. But for women who have had breast enhancement surgery, it rings especially true. If you’re constantly uncomfortable with the way your breasts look – whether they’re too large, disproportionately small or have experienced a change due to weight loss or pregnancy – breast surgery can mean the difference between feeling insecure about yourself and feeling confident enough to take on the world. Breast augmentations, breast reductions and breast lifts can all help women feel more comfortable with their breasts and more confident in their daily lives.

In the satisfaction study published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 92 percent of women who had breast augmentation surgery reported increase self-esteem after their recovery. In another study, women scored their level of satisfaction with their breasts on a scale of one to 100. The average score before breast augmentation was about 25. After surgery, it was about 80. This 55-point boost in confidence was all due to satisfaction with their breasts, which can translate into overall increased self-esteem and a better life all around.

You Can Balance Out Your Look with Your Breasts

Many women feel uncomfortable with their breasts in proportion to the rest of their body. Women with pear-shaped bodies or wide hips in particular can feel imbalanced by smaller breasts. A breast augmentation can be the solution to an off-kilter silhouette. By increasing your cup size, breast implants can emphasize a smaller waist, balance a bottom-heavy figure a create a pleasing, proportional look that you can feel comfortable with.

The same imbalanced feeling can be true of petite women with larger breasts. On a small frame, large breasts can look and feel heavy and draw unwanted attention. They become a point of embarrassment rather than a point of pride. A reduction can help you take control of the size of your breasts and create a size that compliments your figure.

Breast Enhancement Helps You Reclaim Your Post-Baby Body

The size and shape of your breasts can change over time, especially with pregnancy and weight loss. You might find that your breasts droop or don’t feel as full as they once did. Breast enhancement surgery can help you reclaim the body you once loved to look and feel your best. A combination breast augmentation and lift, in particular, can address both sagging and loss of volume. If you’re aim is to achieve a fuller upper breast, this the BA+lift combo is the way to go, since a lift can’t do it alone.

Many women are happy with the results of a breast lift alone, since the surgery is working solely with your natural breast. A lift is perfect for correcting sagging breasts with south-facing nipples.

Breast enhancement surgeries can help correct deformations in breasts as well.

Breast Reductions Can Help Reduce Pain

Sometimes breast enhancement surgery isn’t about how you feel emotionally, but rather how you feel physically. A breast reduction can literally take the load off of a heavy chest, potentially easing back and neck pain and making life more comfortable. Overly-large breasts can contribute to a host of health problems. Exercise becomes more difficult, increasing the risk for obesity. Bra straps and dig into shoulders, causing grooves, pinching and pain. Even posture can be affected by heavy breasts.

Excessively large breasts due to hypertrophy can be reduced through breast reduction surgery to ease the burden of bigger breasts. The amount of tissue taken will depend on you and your specific situation, but the surgery typically results in a smaller, natural-looking breast size. Women who receive breast reduction surgery are often grateful for their experience. It relieves their physical symptoms as well as helps them feel better about the way they look.

Your Wardrobe Options after Breast Enhancement Seem Endless

When you have the breasts you want, the breasts that best fit your body, the wardrobe possibilities feel endless. Anyone who’s ever struggled to fill out a bikini top or dealt with bursting buttons on a blouse knows exactly how it feels to have your clothing options limited by the size of your chest. Breast augmentations, breast reductions and BA+lift surgeries can all help you achieve the look you desire and the size that will make you feel most comfortable in the clothes you wear.

Bathing suits, because of their skin-tight fit and often skimpy styles, can be particularly tricky when it comes to breast size. A breast lift can perk up sagging breasts and correct any issues with crooked breasts, leveling out your look and helping you look your best in a triangle top. A breast augmentation can help give you the volume you need to fill a bikini top and a reduction can lead to a lot more options off the rack.


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