Breast Augmentation

The Importance of Communication


Although beautiful final results are always my primary goal, the only way to achieve this goal is through the power of communication. Communication is one of the major factors that impacts how my Denver cosmetic surgery patients feel about their results. It’s essential that the patient and cosmetic surgeon are on the same page, particularly since the essence of cosmetic procedures makes this a very subjective field.

Clear Goals

Setting clear goals for your surgery is an important part of the process. Yet, there is a lot of translation that’s often needed between me and my patients to make sure that everyone agrees on what the end results should be.

For example, women who come to my practice for their initial breast augmentation consultation are encouraged to bring magazine photos along to help illustrate their ideal results. Although this is helpful in some respects, most patients don’t realize that a B-cup on one woman may seem like an A-cup on another. Breast size is not just about adding volume; the aesthetics involved must take into account a woman’s natural frame and build for a flattering, proportional result.

Another contributing factor to clear expectations during a breast augmentation consult is the fact that implants are not measured according to bra size; they’re measured in terms of volume. Two women of different builds may both request a C-cup result, yet need very different implant sizes to achieve that goal.

The Right Surgeon

The right surgeon will go the extra mile to ensure that you understand all these tricks of the trade. After all, a surgery is only really successful when you’re truly happy with the results.

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