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Body Contouring

The Facts on BodyTite™


In the world of cosmetic surgery, innovations are always welcome as we strive for new methods that work towards the ‘dream body.’ BodyTite™ is the latest of these innovations that can deliver effective fat removal, while simultaneously tightening the skin. But is it right for you?

It’s Minimally Invasive

One of the key benefits of BodyTite™ is how minimally invasive it is. With very tiny entry points for the needle, the skin can heal quickly and leave virtually no scarring after the procedure.  The fat is melted using radiofrequency and then suctioned out through the needle, meaning that even through this very small entry point, BodyTite™ can access a lot of fat and remove it quickly and without large entry points.

It’s Close To Painless

The theory behind melting fat with radiofrequency is a big red flag for pain, but in reality BodyTite™ is virtually painless. Needing only a local anesthetic, the pain felt during the process is normally no more than you feel after as your body heals. So you can get a perfect body without the pain associated with most other fat removal procedures. The constant monitoring of skin temperature affected by the radiofrequency means there is very little chance of you getting burnt during the process, which can be a worry for patients.

It’s Effective

BodyTite™ is arguably one of the most effective procedures for fat removal and body sculpting thanks to its radiofrequency technology that tightens the skin at the same time. With minimal scarring left behind, it is also quite discreet. When compared with ultrasound or lasers, BodyTite can be more effective at returning skin to a firmer and more beautiful state depending on the size of procedure undertaken. BodyTite is also fast, by melting the fat with the radiofrequency first it can be vacuumed out quicker than other methods of liposuction.

It Tightens Skin

Many fat removal procedures leave the excess skin behind, which means unsightly sagging – which defeats the objective. There are treatments that can help this, like a tummy tuck, however this means another procedure you have to undergo and fund. BodyTite™ on the other hand works by removing the fat and tidying up the loose skin to make it an effective removal.

It’s Safe

Since it is a minimally invasive method, the chances of facing complications are slim. Everything is monitored throughout the entire process by a qualified surgeon, so risk is even further reduced. Even though the skin is being heated, it is unlikely you will be burnt, as the skin temperature and temperature of the wand is controlled and monitored continuously throughout.

It’s Quick

Unlike many other treatments available within the field, the downtime post-procedure is minimal. Within a few short days you will be back doing all of your old daily activities with no extra hassle. You will have to wear a pressure garment for a few days to help your body heal and to reduce bruising, but other than that, you don’t need to worry about taking long periods of time off work.

There Is A Limit

There is a limit to how much can be done with BodyTite™, just as there is with every cosmetic surgery out there. It can’t tighten skin that is significantly looser than what is considered ‘norm’. If the skin can’t be tightened, it will need to be surgically removed with a process similar to a tummy tuck. So it’s best to discuss all options in full details with your surgeon beforehand.

The Side Effects

With any cosmetic procedure, there are side effects and risks to think about before you go ahead with the procedure. Most people can expect bruising within the treated area, however this will subside within a few days with the help of a pressure garment. It is likely to experience some swelling and tenderness. The worst you can expect from a BodyTite procedure is uneven skin for approximately 3 weeks after the treatment as the skin adjusts and settles down. However, if you are concerned it is best to discuss this with your surgeon.

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