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The Emotional Benefits of a Breast Reduction

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Breast ReductionAlthough there are many physical benefits to a breast reduction, most of my Denver patients chose this procedure for the emotional benefits. When a woman feels self-conscious about her body, there can be an enormous negative impact on her self-esteem, which in turn can affect every aspect of her life.

There are physical challenges to having large breasts, such as suffering from back pain. The combination of constant physical pain can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. These are only exacerbated by already-existing feelings of embarrassment over large bust size and frustration at not being able to find clothing which fits properly. Some women with larger breasts may find themselves victims of bullying because of their bodies. This type of emotional abuse is not only upsetting but can leave deep scars on a woman’s sense of worth.

A breast reduction from my Denver office can bring about a complete 180° in the mindset of women who have struggled with their breast size. The freedom from physical symptoms, though not by any means minimal, is often outweighed by the emotional changes which can be brought about by a breast reduction. Feeling good about the way you look and feeling like you blend in with the crowd instead of being in the spotlight add up to a new life.

Although a breast reduction may seem like a simple procedure, the results are both physical and emotional, affecting nearly every aspect of your life in positive ways.

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