Cosmetic Surgery

The Effect of Cosmetic Procedures on Your Self Confidence

Cosmetic Procedures

Feeling confident in our skin is vitally important to our well-being. When we don’t feel happy with our image, we often find it difficult to be motivated in everyday life.

According to the 2017 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, since 2000 there has been an increase in the number of people choosing to have cosmetic procedures.

This is partly due to the affordability and the variety of techniques available. As well as the rise in societal pressures brought about by social media, and advertising, in addition to people living longer.

Why Do Some People Get Cosmetic Surgery?

There are many reasons people consider cosmetic surgery. Perhaps they require some form of reconstructive surgery or they want to change the appearance of some part of their body? Or, maybe they want to feel comfortable with their image as they get older, and perhaps they are looking to meet their future partner or aspire to look like their favorite celebrity?

Increasing Popularity

Regardless of the reasons for considering cosmetic surgery, there is no denying it is on the rise, and is accepted regardless of your socioeconomic status and age.

Alongside the most popular treatments like breast augmentation (which has increased 41% since 2000), liposuction, rhinoplasty, botulinum toxin type A (Botox®) injections (increased 819% since 2000) and dermal fillers; other techniques include tummy tucks, chemical peels, laser hair removal, cosmetic dentistry and reconstructive procedures like tumor removal and facial surgery.

Cosmetic dentistry has also risen in popularity since people are acutely aware of the impression their teeth give to others, especially when they go for a job interview or meet someone new. Also, treatments have become more affordable and widely available; you can even find a Cosmetic Dentist in Milton Keynes.

Body Image and Cosmetic Procedures

Everywhere we look these days image is highlighted. Media, advertising and social media continuously show celebrities with the perfect image.

People who are unhappy with their body image are often left feeling a sense of low self-esteem and wishing they looked differently. Cosmetic procedures have been indicated to boost a person’s well-being. Even cosmetic dentistry can improve confidence.

In India, 426 students at Aligarh Muslim University were surveyed on their feelings regarding their dental appearance and how it affected their social and psychological behavior, plus their self-confidence. The surveyors concluded that dental appearance did affect a person’s self-confidence. The survey also noted that they considered tooth color very important because when a person opens their mouth to smile their teeth are visible.

Not Just for Women

Although the largest percentage of people opting for cosmetic procedures are women, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons report also indicated that men are more interested in improving their physique, hair growth, smile, and appearance.

Alongside hair transplantation and pectoral and buttock implants, men are also choosing to have rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery, facelifts, chemical peels, botulinum toxin type A (Botox®) among other things.

Does Plastic Surgery Improve Emotional Well-being?

According to a 2013 report in ScienceDaily, a study conducted by Professor Dr. Jürgen Margraf and Professor Alexander von Humboldt indicated that 550 patients surveyed before and after plastic surgery were happier and had more satisfaction and self-esteem in their life after the surgery. Those who underwent surgery were happier with their overall appearance and not just the area they had work performed.

For many people who suffer from a lack of self-esteem due to their dissatisfaction with their appearance, these findings should bring them some comfort.

The Effect of Cosmetic Procedures on Your Self Confidence
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The Effect of Cosmetic Procedures on Your Self Confidence
More people are having cosmetic procedures due to the affordability and the variety of techniques available, as well as the rise in societal pressures and people living longer.
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