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The Dos & Don’ts of Long-Lasting Waist Contouring

Waist Contouring

Not all women are born with the highly-coveted hourglass figure. Even if Mother Nature blessed you with hips and breasts of equal size and a narrow waist, pregnancy or other factors may have diminished your hourglass shape.

Women who yearn for a slim waist will try any number of things to attain the celebrated feminine dimensions, from girdles to liposuction. But is there a way to get long-term waist contouring results? Let’s check out some dos and don’ts to help you find a lasting solution.

Don’t Believe the Waist Trainer Hype

The corset has been enjoying a moment in the sun, thanks to celebrities on social media touting the benefits of waist trainers.

    Wearing a compression garment will give you a cinched-in waistline but it won’t actually redistribute your fat, change your shape or actually make your waist narrower.

Some women wear waist trainers while getting back into shape after pregnancy, but the garment alone won’t cause permanent changes, and may not be healthy.

Do Your Part

Exercise is always your friend, and that’s certainly true when trying to trim down your waist. Looking good may not be easy, but if you want to work your way to a trimmer physique, you’ll have to ditch the idea that wearing the right contraption is your only hope.

Don’t Bother with Makeup

Some people recommend using self-tanner to create the appearance of a more slender waist and toned abdomen, but using makeup to fake your figure is a temporary solution at best.

Do Consider Liposuction

Women who are at their target weight yet haven’t been able to achieve a trim waist can look to liposuction for long-lasting waist contouring results. By removing stubborn fat from the waist, liposuction can sculpt your contours for better definition. Diet and exercise can help ensure long-term liposuction results.


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