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Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

The Best Candidates for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

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For women unhappy with their breast size, there is an option besides traditional implant surgery: Fat transfer breast augmentation. This procedure enhances your cup size by transplanting fat cells directly into the breasts. This option for increasing your bust line is all-natural and increasing in popularity. Who are the best candidates for what’s been dubbed “natural” breast augmentation?

Patients Who Want Lipo As Well

Fat transfer breast augmentation requires the transfer of fat into the breasts from somewhere else on the body, which means that women choosing fat transfer augmentation receive the added bonus of getting to remove fat from an area they’d like to be slimmer and more contoured, such as the stomach, hips, or thighs. Patients must have sufficient fat on the body to use for donor cells, however, so this procedure may not be an option for very thin patients.

Patients Who Want a Subtle Change

There are limitations as to how much volume can be added through microfat grafting into the breasts, so women who want a more subtle augmentation may find fat transfer to be a perfect option. While implants may be necessary for a dramatic change in shape or cup size, women who prefer natural enhancement with understated results may be able to achieve their ideal using fat transfer augmentation.

Patients Who Want Natural Results

Although some women are not happy with their natural breast size, they may feel uncomfortable with the idea of breast implants. Because fat is a natural substance produced by your own body, a fat transfer augmentation is an excellent, all-natural alternative to implant surgery. After augmentation, your new breasts will truly be composed of your body’s own tissue for a look that looks and feels exactly like your natural breast.

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