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The Best Breast Implants for Athletic Women

166122305Athletic women work hard to stay in shape and look their best, however, breast size is one thing that no amount of time in the gym can change. If you’ve always thought that breast implants and your active lifestyle simply don’t mix, you may be surprised to learn that breast augmentation can enhance your curves and contours without interfering with what you love to do.

Shatter the Stereotypes

When thinking about a stereotypical athletic woman, most people envision a slim figure with toned, defined muscles and a relatively flat chest. Although some female athletes have natural, larger breasts, the low body fat maintained by this demographic typically results in a smaller breast size.

But breasts are a fundamental part of what gives a woman her femininity, and there’s no reason athletic women shouldn’t enjoy the sexy curves that breasts create. When you select the right implants, breast augmentation can beautifully complement a fit, slender frame without impeding your fitness routine.

Carefully Consider Implant Size

Most fitness-minded women find that opting for small to moderate-sized implants is the best way to enhance the body’s contours without getting in the way of an active lifestyle. In addition to being heavy, larger implants may bounce during high-impact sports, which can cause discomfort or pain. Additionally, silicone implants may be a better option for many athletic women because they’re more lightweight than their saline counterparts.

Be Mindful of Implant Placement

Implant placement is important for athletic women to consider before breast augmentation. Subglandular placement, where the implant is placed over the muscle, results in a faster recovery after breast augmentation and doesn’t affect the activation of the chest muscles.

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