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The Best Acne Treatment Solutions that Work

While it is easier to hide breakouts on the body, it is impossible to fully cover up eruptions appearing on the face. Apart from the fact that they are often painful, they affect the appearance of an individual and can make them very self-conscious. Pimples happen due to clogging of pores, caused by excessive oil secretion from the skin or due to dead cells of the skin. Contrary to the popular belief that acne happens in youngsters only, it can actually happen to people of any age.

There are various acne treatment solutions that are effective, but it depends on many factors which one will work for a particular person. Oftentimes, over-the-counter products may not work. In that case, it’s a good idea to consult with a dermatologist who can boost your acne treatment by prescribing stronger medicines that can help. The basic purpose of these medicines is to:

  • Control the spread of acne
  • Control scars and other skin damage
  • Lighten scar marks

Prescription acne medicines can help in reducing the oil production, fighting bacterial infection and inflammation, and speeding up skin recovery. However, the treatment may take months to actually show results and heal the skin condition completely. The length and intensity of treatment usually depends on the patient’s age and the severity of the acne condition and often includes medicated washes and local application of drugs on a regular basis.

Depending on the severity, the dermatologist may also address acne treatment through oral medications along with ointments to apply to the affected area. In the worst case scenarios, acne can also appear on the neck, shoulders, back and chest as well.

There are a number of therapies that are suggested for acne treatment, either as a sole treatment or as a combination with prescribed drugs, again depending on the severity of the case. Some of these therapies are:

People suffering from acne can also take refuge to certain home remedies that are known to work very well for effective acne treatment. Some are worth mentioning such as:

  • Apple cider vinegar: Known to contain organic acid, apple cider vinegar can help control the bacterial infection on the skin and reduce inflammation and redness. It should be applied carefully as it may cause irritation to the skin.
  • Taking zinc supplements: Studies have shown that lower zinc levels may cause various skin infections and taking oral zinc supplements help in keeping the skin in good condition.
  • Application of a face mask: Cinnamon and honey face mask containing tea tree oil, green tea, witch hazel and aloe vera have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help in acne treatment.
  • Taking fish oil supplements: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil can help in acne control.
  • Regular exfoliation: By regular exfoliation, the dead skin cells are removed, making the skin pores less prone to clogging. Exfoliation also helps in lightening the scar marks on the skin.
  • Consumption of low GI foods and dairy products: Low glycemic foods decrease sebum production and overall inflammation, primary reasons for the formation of acne.
  • Reduction of stress and regular exercise: Hormones produced due to stress and anxiety can make the acne condition worse. Regular exercise improves blood circulation and also reduces stress significantly.

The bottom line is that acne can be caused due to various underlying health or lifestyle issues. Though conventional methods of acne treatment are more common, they may be harsh to the skin. For people with very sensitive skin, home remedies are worth giving a try, however, consulting a dermatologist is always advisable.

The Best Acne Treatment Solutions that Work
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The Best Acne Treatment Solutions that Work
There are various acne treatment solutions that are effective, however it depends on many factors which one will work for a particular person.
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