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Breast Augmentation

The 3 Types of Incisions for Breast Augmentation

Breast AugmentationChoosing to have breast augmentation is a decision packed with more decisions. When should you have the surgery? What size of breast implants will look best? Which plastic surgeon is right for you?

Planning the details of your breast augmentation will go a long way toward helping to you to attain your desired results. One of the factors involved in breast augmentation is the type of incision you have. As you discuss your breast implant options with your plastic surgeon, they may recommend an incision that is best-suited to your needs.

  1. Inframammary Incision

    The inframammary incision is a popular choice for its many benefits. Tucked in the natural crease under your breast, this incision can accommodate both saline breast implants that may be filled in place, as well as pre-filled silicone breast implants. This incision offers direct access to the breast pocket for more accurate placement. If revision is required, an inframammary incision can be used again without creating another scar.

  2. Periareolar Incision

    The periareolar incision runs in a half-circle along the outer edge of the areola. The darker skin around your nipple may disguise the scar better than other incision sites. This incision may not work well for larger, pre-filled breast implants and can only be used once.

  3. Transaxillary Incision

    Situated in the armpit, the transaxillary incision is a less common option for several reasons. This incision has the advantage of not leaving a scar on the breast, but the scar may be visible when you are fully clothed. The distance from your armpit to the breast pocket can also make proper placement challenging. Like the periareolar incision, the transaxillary incision is limited to a single use.

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