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Surgery-Level Facelift Results at Home? Absolutely … Not

Facelift - Dr. Reo Pugao - November 2021

Do you need to have surgery to get facelift-level results? While your gut reaction might be to say yes, the truth is that there are many non-surgical options that can mirror the results of a surgical facelift, or at least get so close that there is no meaningful difference for the average person.

But what about all those at-home treatments that claim they deliver the same results?

Sounds Too Good to Be True

The idea of skipping the plastic surgeon and just getting your facelift with some creams or massaging device sounds too good to be true. And that’s because it is. These treatments can make a difference in the appearance of your skin, and what they deliver might be enough for you to feel more confident in how you look. But achieving facelift results from the comfort of your own home just isn’t reality right now and likely won’t be in your lifetime.

Skipping Surgery

Not everyone who wants to address signs of aging is ready to jump into surgery. Maybe it’s the cost that is stopping them, or perhaps they feel they are just too young to jump into the deep end of anti-aging procedures. No matter your reasons, if this describes you, know that you have plenty of other options. These include:


BOTOX and other paralytics freeze the targeted muscles in the face, stopping them from moving, or in some cases, just severely limiting their range of motion. This can smooth out lines that are formed due to contracted muscles and hide those that are highlighted with certain facial expressions.


We often think of wrinkles as the result of loose skin, but in many cases, it is not that the skin is looser but rather that it has lost volume. Injecting filler strategically into areas of the face can replace natural volume that has been lost with the years, filling out the skin so lines and wrinkles are lessened or disappear.


FaceTite is a procedure that does require incisions but isn’t considered surgery since it is done in-office. It encourages collagen and elastin production by targeting the skin from both sides. While it is more invasive and time consuming than injectables, the results last years rather than months, making it a good choice for many.

Ultrasound Therapy

With this approach, layers of tissue are treated with ultrasound waves. Since these can reach deeper than many lasers are safely able to, it has pretty profound results. These treatments can tone and tighten by stimulating production of collagen and elastin.

Laser Therapy

With laser therapy, the light of the applicator becomes heat as it reaches the skin. This heat tightens capillaries while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, replacing volume that has been lost. The result is skin that is fuller and tighter.

Of course, if your goal is to achieve facelift-level results, you might be better off getting one. Keep in mind that there are different types of facelifts, including those that are well suited to younger patients with fewer signs of aging.

Surgery-Level Facelift Results at Home? Absolutely … Not
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Surgery-Level Facelift Results at Home? Absolutely … Not
Can you get facelift results with at-home treatments? Dr. Reo Pugao at Martin Plastic Surgery in Las Cruces answers that question with a firm no.
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