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Should You Worry About Your Breast Augmentation Scars?

Breast implants are becoming more popular than ever, as more women boost their bust line with the help of a plastic surgeon. However, the ever-present concern of post-surgery scarring can be enough to give some women pause and ask themselves if their new look will be worth it.

Well, the truth is, there’s no way around having a scar left over after any surgery, including cosmetic surgery. Your body will heal itself, but can only do so much. The good news is that just because a little scarring remains, the benefits of breast augmentation should far outweigh that faded white line.

Value of Proper Technique

To insert your implants, your surgeon will need to make an incision, most commonly around your areola or underneath the breast crease. Implant scars in the breast crease are hardly noticeable due to the placement, which is hidden by the breast itself. Areolar incisions have camouflage going in their favor, as the change in skin tone from the darker areola to the lighter breast skin makes it almost impossible to see a breast augmentation scar. Either way, if the technique is done properly, the scarring should be slight enough that it shouldn’t be noticeable by the average person.

Any procedure will result in some degree of scar, so potential for seeing beautiful results from breast augmentation need to be weighed against that reality. Don’t let the worry of a incision scar on your skin stop you from getting a procedure you’ve always wanted. Of course, everyone’s personal choice is hers to make alone, but most women are so busy turning heads with their final results that the thought of breast augmentation scars stops being a concern pretty quickly.

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