Breast Augmentation

Should You Wear a Bra Right after Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation

After your breast augmentation, you’re probably going to be eager to try on new bras and check out your new curves, but it’s important not to rush your recovery process. Here are a few tips for what size and type of bra to wear after your breast augmentation.

Discuss Recovery Guidelines with Your Plastic Surgeon

Your plastic surgeon will send you home with plenty of guidelines for a smooth recovery. He or she may also give you a surgical bra to use for the first several weeks after your breast augmentation. Once your plastic surgeon gives you the okay, you can switch to a soft-cupped bra like a sports bra.

No Underwire Bras

You’ll want to stay away from wearing underwire bras until you’ve completely healed, as this type of bra can irritate your incision sites and won’t be very comfortable.  Discuss with Dr. Martin when you can begin wearing a traditional bra again after breast augmentation.

Don’t Shop Too Soon

Keep in mind that your breasts may be “riding high” for a few weeks before finally dropping and settling into place. You may also experience some swelling during the initial stages of recovery. For these reasons, hold off on your shopping trip until you see your final results. That way, you’ll be able to buy bras in your new size without having to worry about your breasts continuing to change.

When it is time to shop for brand new bras, get a professional fitting to ensure that you’re choosing the right size for your new figure.

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