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Breast Implants

Should You Plan for Breast Implants before Pregnancy?

There can be some debate over whether breast implants before pregnancy are a good idea. Ultimately, the decision on when to have a procedure done lies with the individual in question, but there are some salient points to be considered before opting to go ahead.

Changing Body Shape

There is no concrete reason why you can’t get breast implants before pregnancy. In fact, numerous women take this option all of the time.

   One of the main factors at play in a decision to wait is the possibility of your body shape changing during pregnancy, potentially necessitating further surgery.

While not an exact science, you may be able to gain some idea of how your body shape is likely to change after pregnancy in one of two ways. Firstly, if you have a similar shape to your mother, look at how her body shape changed after having kids. Alternatively, if you’ve gained or lost a significant amount of weight in the past, consider how much your breast size and shape did or didn’t change.

Timing Your Breast Augmentation

Breast implants before pregnancy are a better idea if you don’t intend to get pregnant in the immediate future. If you intend to become pregnant within the next year or so, it’s generally advisable to wait. On the other hand, if pregnancy is a distant dream, there’s no reason not to go ahead.

Rest assured that breast implants before pregnancy won’t affect the pregnancy itself, regardless of timing. However, your individual circumstances and requirements can be discussed with Dr. Wooten during consultation.

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