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Should You Combine a Lift with Your Breast Implants?

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For many women, the goal of breast augmentation goes beyond simply hoping for larger breasts. While breast implants add volume, they won’t add lift, make breasts look perkier, or improve your breasts’ existing placement on the chest wall. In patients whose breasts show moderate to severe ptosis (sagging), combining a breast lift with implants may be the key to achieving the ideal final look. Who are the best candidates?

When Implants Are Enough

If your breasts display mild droopiness, implants alone may be enough to achieve the look you’re after. One sign that a lift isn’t needed is if your nipples are still near the center of your breasts and don’t point downward, and you can view significant skin below the nipple when looking at breasts from the front. If your breasts meet these criteria, your cosmetic surgeon may be able to give you a sexy, curvier look with breast implants alone.

When a Breast Lift Is Recommended

If you’re already a C or D cup and don’t want to go larger, but you do want to create a perkier, more lifted profile, you may opt for a breast lift without implants at all. Alternatively, combining breast implants with a lift may improve the look of breasts showing significant sagging, those with downward-pointing nipples, or any other classic signs of needing a breast lift. Your cosmetic surgeon will take measurements to help determine whether implants alone will be enough or if a breast lift will improve your final results. Either way, the focus should always stay on making the choice that helps you feel great about your body and meet your cosmetic goals.

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