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Breast Augmentation

Should You Choose Smooth or Textured Implants?

Textured Implants

Breast augmentation can be performed using either smooth or textured implants. Why is there a difference at all, and which option is going to be right for you?

Understanding the Differences

Textured breast implants are designed with a rougher outer shell for a few different reasons. First, the added texture offers a better surface for the surrounding soft tissues to “grip” during the healing process. In anatomically shaped implants, this helps the implants stay in the correct position instead of rotating within the surgical pocket. In fact, anatomical implants will always have a textured outer shell for this very reason.

The other benefit of textured implants is that they carry a lower risk of developing capsular contracture compared to smooth implants. However, this risk is really only reduced for implants placed under the glandular breast tissue rather than below the muscle; submuscular placement alone helps lower risks for capsular contracture.

Smooth implants are currently the more popular choice for breast augmentation, although this often comes down to a personal preference for your or your surgeon. It’s important to note that neither type of implant will feel different to the touch after insertion. If you have a strong preference for one type of implant over another, that’s definitely a subject to address during your consultation.

When it comes to making your choice for implants, be sure you visit a Los Angeles surgeon who can explain any pros and cons for either option. Not every woman is a candidate for every kind of implant. Working closely with a skilled surgeon will help you get customized results that bring out the best in your body.

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