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Should an OB/GYN Perform Your Labiaplasty?

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If you’re contemplating a labiaplasty, you may be unsure of which professional is best-equipped to perform your procedure. Because OB/GYNs spend much of their practice focused on female anatomy, it makes sense to consider an OB/GYN for the job. But for your labiaplasty, you want someone with specialized  soft tissue experience performing this plastic surgery procedure.

The Difference between an OB/GYN and a Plastic Surgeon

OB/GYN is both a medical and surgical specialty. A typical OB/GYN performs a variety of medical services that are dedicated to female reproductive health. Although an OB/GYN is well-versed in the health and functionality of the vagina, their surgical experience may be somewhat limited.

On the other hand, a plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic gynecology procedures spends a significant amount of time performing labiaplasties. Their skill and expertise equips them with the necessary tools to be your labiaplasty surgeon.

   Although an OB/GYN is familiar with the vagina, they may lack sufficient plastic surgery experience to perform your labiaplasty.

What a Labiaplasty Can Do

Many women have questions about labiaplasty, including if the procedure may be right for them. If your labia cause pain or discomfort, if their appearance makes you feel self-conscious or if you experience persistent problems due to their size or shape, a labiaplasty can address your concerns. A labiaplasty reshapes the labia to improve both their function and appearance, helping to alleviate discomfort and restore your confidence.

What to Look for in a Labiaplasty Doctor

In addition to having specialized plastic surgery training, you want your labiaplasty doctor to take an artful approach to your female rejuvenation procedure. A board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in performing labiaplasty has both surgical training and know-how. They can combine their surgical technique with a cosmetic sensibility, offering you high-quality, aesthetic results.

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