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Mommy Makeover

Sculpting Your Breasts During a Mommy Makeover

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A mommy makeover is an excellent treatment option for any patient who would like to deal with multiple cosmetic issues at once. Even though becoming a mother can positively impact many different aspects of your life, that process can also result in a variety of blemishes. That includes misshapen or undersized breasts that sometimes make it very difficult for a woman to be comfortable with her body. If that sounds like your own situation, then you might want to consider adding a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery to your personalized mommy makeover.

Common Cosmetic Issues With the Breasts

Many different things can impact the appearance of your breasts, and rejuvenating that area of the body is going to be nearly impossible without professional help. For many women, gaining and losing a significant amount of weight can alter the size or shape of the breasts. The body will naturally metabolize random tissue whenever weight fluctuations occur, and you might notice that your breasts appear deflated or undersized after you become a mother. That biological process can also impact the placement of the nipples and areolas. While those issues can be frustrating, it is important for mothers to realize that they can often be easily reversed with cosmetic procedures.

An Overview of the Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lift surgery is now one of the most popular cosmetic operations on the planet, and it has been carried out millions of times in recent years. The goal of a breast lift is to alter the position and shape of the breasts so that they appear perkier. Some of the issues that can be addressed during a breast lift include sagging breast tissue, oversized areolas, asymmetrical breasts, and asymmetrical nipples. While the breast tissue will continue to age after a breast lift, the results can last for years as long as you remain healthy.

A Closer Look at Breast Augmentation Surgery

A breast lift will generally make the breasts appear perkier and well-balanced, but that operation won’t have a big impact on the overall size of your breasts. If you would like to enhance the size of your breasts so that they match the rest of your body, then breast augmentation surgery will most likely be the best option. During that operation, your surgeon is going to carefully implant silicone shells into the breast cavities. Those shells can be filled with a few different materials until they reach the desired size and shape. Breast implants don’t last forever, but modern shells usually last for at least 10 years with the proper aftercare and healthy lifestyle habits. You can also combine your augmentation procedure with a breast lift to fully transform that area of your body.

Developing Your Personalized Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a highly personalized combination procedure that requires quite a bit of skill and expertise. Before you have any cosmetic operation carried out, you must consult with a surgeon who has extensive experience with breast lifts, breast implants, and all of the other procedures that can be added to a mommy makeover. During your meeting with the surgeon, they can go over your medical history as well as your future cosmetic goals. They will then carefully develop a personalized treatment plan that leaves you with the rejuvenated body of your dreams. Some of the other procedures that you might want to speak with your surgeon about during your initial consultation include tummy tucks, liposuction, body lifts, and laser therapy.

Sculpting Your Breasts During a Mommy Makeover
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Sculpting Your Breasts During a Mommy Makeover
A mommy makeover is an excellent treatment option for any patient who would like to deal with multiple cosmetic issues at once.
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