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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Reduction Rhinoplasty – Do You Want a Smaller Nose?

Not all people are bestowed with a perfectly sized nose. Among all shapes and sizes, a big one can catch unwanted attention because it dominates the entire face. If you are not happy with a large ‘zucchini’ nose that overwhelms all your other facial features, a reduction rhinoplasty can help you go a long way. The procedure aims to make your nose proportionate to the rest of your facial features.

What Exactly Is Reduction Rhinoplasty?

A reduction nose job is an aesthetic cosmetic surgery procedure that involves reducing the size of the nose. There are two kinds of reduction rhinoplasties:

  • The surgeon reduces the size of the nose overall
  • The surgical procedure also focuses on the size of the specific parts such as a bump on the bridge of the nose or nasal tip

What Does the Entire Procedure Involve?

The procedure to perform reduction nose surgery is simple and can be done easily in forty to forty-five minutes. An incision is made, and the surgery is done using either an open or closed approach.

In a closed approach, the incision is made inside the nostrils so that there is no visible scar. In this method, the plastic surgeon would make cuts to get access to the nose bone structure and underlying cartilage that form the nose followed by resizing the nose.

In an open rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes a small incision on the columella of the nose. This method leaves a small scar, however, the location of the scar makes it very hard to notice and the scar fades over a period of time. The surgeon can have easy access to the tip of your nose making it easier to remove or change the bone structure and cartilage. It is usually the favored approach for revision rhinoplasty because it gives the surgeon the better view of your nasal anatomy and structures, thus allowing better precision.

Irrespective of the placement of the incisions, the procedure aims at removal of some cartilage and the bone to make your nose smaller. The bridge of the nose is cut away and then rasped or filed down to remove bumps or irregularities. The bones that join the nose and cheeks are also repositioned to make the nose narrower. Also, the nostrils can be made smaller. A skilled surgeon will be careful to minimize the risk of the procedure leading to breathing problems or other functional concerns after nose surgery. Post-surgery, the skin of the nose shrinks covering your ‘new’ smaller underlying nose structure.

If you’re considering reduction rhinoplasty and want to save money on the procedure, you may want to look into cosmetic surgery travel. India is home to renowned and famous plastic surgeons who are skilled in facial plastic surgery techniques. The cost of nose surgery in India is affordable, making it one of the most preferred countries for people willing to travel to get a smaller nose size.

Reduction Rhinoplasty – Do You Want a Smaller Nose?
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Reduction Rhinoplasty – Do You Want a Smaller Nose?
A reduction rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgery which involves reducing the size of the nose that is more proportionate to the other facial features.
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