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Cosmetic Surgery

Making a Full Recovery – How Much Time Will You Need?

When you’re considering whether to move forward with a cosmetic treatment, a lot of factors come to mind. Cost is definitely going to play a role, as will your expectations of the treatment and how much it will improve your looks. But one factor that’s easy to overlook is time.

Whether you’re getting a chemical peel or having a breast augmentation, these procedures are going to set you back a few hours per session, and some may even involve recovery time. For those with busy schedules including demanding careers and families to feed, the downtime required for these procedures may be among the most important aspects to consider.

Discover how much time you’ll need to set aside for these cosmetic treatments, and why some of these procedures may require more time than you’d expect when it comes to making a complete recovery.

An Overlooked But Critical Factor

Were you planning on getting a chemical peel before attending your sister’s wedding but didn’t know about the recovery time required to allow for any redness or swelling to go down?

No matter if a single mother juggling three jobs or a trust fund princess, it’s important to know what you’re getting into with cosmetic treatments, and this means knowing how long you’ll need to get the procedure and heal up as well. Knowing this will help you prevent any mishaps and inconveniences so you can continue with your life as normal.

Time-Related Factors That Are Worth Considering

  • Will you need a babysitter?
  • Will someone need to care for you while you recover?
  • How much time will you have to take off work?
  • Should you do anything to prepare for your appointment?
  • How early will you have to show up?
  • What complications may arise that will require additional healing time?

Chemical Peel Treatment

A chemical peel treatment can work wonders for the appearance of the skin on your face. Essentially, it works by burning away the top layer of skin with the intention that it will grow back without acne, discoloration, and blemishes. Planning a chemical peel treatment can result in a major enhancement to your looks but how much time will you need to plan before the swelling subsides?

Time You’ll Need for a Chemical Peel Treatment

The treatment itself isn’t time-consuming and should be completed in a single visit. However, depending on how deep of a chemical peel you get, some healing time may be required. Here are the expected healing times for each type of chemical peel procedure:

  • Superficial Peel – Little to no recovery time is required.
  • Moderate Peel – Expect about 7-14 days of recovery time.
  • Deep Peel – A deep peel may require up to 21 days of recovery time.

Ask an Expert for Questions about Your Chemical Peel Procedure

Did you know that some dentists also specialize in cosmetic procedures including chemical peel treatments? With superior knowledge of the tissue and function of various parts of the face, it makes sense that a dentist would be an expert on such treatments. One example of a doctor who can provide dentistry or cosmetic skin treatments is Dr. Dugan from Pittsburgh, PA, but there may be qualified specialists in your city as well.

Laser Hair Removal

For people who have hair where they least want it, laser hair removal is a great treatment that can enhance their overall attractiveness. Men are most likely to have hair on their backs removed while women pursue laser hair removal for areas including their underarms and around their bikini line. Wherever you want to remove hair most, this treatment is extremely popular for permanently getting rid of it and making your body smoother than ever.

More Time is Required than You May Expect

In the case of some laser hair removal procedures, the most time-consuming part may not be during the procedure or after, but simply the number of sessions you’ll need to achieve your expected results. For example, although a session can range from only 20-60 minutes long, it typically takes at least six sessions to achieve the smooth, clean look you desire.

Time Required for Laser Hair Removal

While laser hair removal may seem like a simple, straightforward process, there are several reasons why it isn’t. First off, the fact that it requires up to six treatments means you’ll have to plan time off for multiple sessions. However, the actual treatments aren’t very time consuming and will only take about an hour or less per section. The good news is other than the area being sensitive to the sun, you won’t need much recovery time with laser hair removal.

Breast Augmentation

Few cosmetic enhancements will garner as much attention for women as a breast augmentation. Breast implant surgeries have become so mainstream that they’re among the most popular cosmetic treatments available. Since these are significant surgeries, they definitely involve substantial time for proper healing and recovery.

How Long Do Breast Augmentations Take?

Once you’ve had your consultation and you’re in the surgeon’s chair, breast augmentation typically only takes an hour or two to complete. Afterward, you’ll be instructed to wear a harness that supports your breasts, providing relief and support as the area heals.

Recovery Time for Breast Implant Surgery

Breast augmentation is a major surgery and you’ll need some legitimate time off to properly heal. Some pain can be expected post-surgery, but the acute pain should subside after the first week or so. After that, soreness may persist for a few more weeks, but can be minimized by following your surgeon’s instructions.

Rhinoplasty (AKA a Nose Job)

For some people, the one thing that they feel will drastically improve their attractiveness is a rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job. A nose job can reduce the size of your nose or augment it in such a way that it appears more natural on your face. While some may have no need for this surgery, it may be the single most important way for others to enhance their look.

How Much Time Will You Need For a Nose Job?

Taking two weeks off of work is a safe amount to ensure that you’re completely healed up from your rhinoplasty. The most common complaint is a stuffy feeling that will persist for the first week or two. Any soreness can be managed with pain medication from your doctor, but typically subsides within a week. Here are some guidelines of what to expect during your recovery:

  • Bleeding and a puffy feeling in the nose will last for the first two days.
  • Your splint will be removed within the first week.
  • After three weeks, some bruising and swelling may still be noticed.
  • It’s best to avoid strenuous activities for the first month after a nose job.

Allowing Yourself Enough Time Will Help Ensure Success

The old saying, “Haste makes waste” applies when it comes to proper recovery from cosmetic procedures. Rushing the preparation or healing process is only likely to lead to other problems, so it’s always worth it to take off enough time to ensure a safe and healthy recovery. When it comes to getting the cosmetic treatments you’ve always wanted, people tend to think of money first, but it’s equally important to consider the time you’ll need to have it done right.

Making a Full Recovery - How Much Time Will You Need?
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Making a Full Recovery - How Much Time Will You Need?
One major factor in whether people opt for a cosmetic procedure is time. Explore the time you'll have to allow for these major procedures and see if it's worthwhile.
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