Laser Hair Removal

Planning for Laser Hair Removal? What You Need to Know

Laser Hair Removal

If you’ve gotten a bit fed up with shaving, waxing or otherwise removing your body hair, you may be considering laser hair removal. DIY hair removal is all well and good, but the results are annoyingly temporary – trying to stay super-smooth for an entire beach holiday can be tedious.

Laser hair removal is a way of permanently removing hair from one or more areas of your body.

Don’t worry too much about the price of LHR as it’s no longer an exorbitantly expensive option available only to the mega-rich, even if it’s not quite as budget-friendly as a can of shaving cream and cheap, flimsy razor.

Before you make the decision to start a course of laser hair removal treatments, there are a few important points you should be aware of.

Quick Must-Know Tips

  • Laser hair removal is best suited to those with dark hair and light skin tones. Laser hair removal works best for dark, coarse hair, although results can take a little longer to become apparent.
  • Most technicians will not laser facial hair near the eyes but, beyond that, it’s up to you where you would like to have the treatment done.
  • You will need to shave a day or two before each session.
  • Don’t tan 2 weeks before your LHR session, and avoid sun exposure to the treated area for 2 weeks afterwards. Medication causing photosensitivity should be stopped at least one week before treatment.

You should absolutely pick a reputable medical spa that comes highly recommended, and only work with a certified laser technician. Don’t skip sessions once the laser hair removal starts to work, or you risk undoing your good work!


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