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Patients Who Give Plastic Surgery a Bad Name

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It seems like there’s an unfavorable news story about plastic surgery published almost every other day. Whether it’s a woman who’s undergone dozens of procedures trying to look like a Barbie doll, or a mother-daughter duo that schedules matching plastic surgeries so they can both look more like British model Katie Price, these are exactly the types of patients that give plastic surgery an unfair reputation. Let’s set the record straight.

Your Natural Beauty

Plastic surgery isn’t about dramatically changing your appearance, and certainly isn’t about altering your natural features so you look like someone else. Instead, well-performed cosmetic procedures should bring out the best in your face and body in a way that lets your inner self shine out that much more brightly.

But plain old reality doesn’t sell—unless it’s reality TV, which is still about as far from actual real life as you can get. What does sell is sensationalism, and that’s exactly what stories like those listed above deliver. Unfortunately, tabloid fodder does nothing to help reduce the stigma against plastic surgery.

The Importance of Realistic Expectations

The millions of perfectly normal plastic surgery procedures performed on perfectly normal people to bring out the best in their appearance are unspeakably dull as far as the media is concerned. And “dull” definitely does not sell papers—or rather, encourage social media shares. Yet, to the person receiving that uneventful, drama-free tummy tuck or breast augmentation, the results can feel like nothing short of miraculous.

The average plastic surgery patient has realistic expectations about what different procedures can accomplish, and opt for getting age-appropriate plastic surgery for the right reasons. If you’re approaching cosmetic surgery with the right attitude, you’re that much more likely to feel great about your results.

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