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Pain Management after Breast Augmentation with EXPAREL

Breast augmentation is one of the most common and popular plastic surgery procedures. In most cases, the surgery requires a general anesthetic. The recovery period after the surgery depends on what kind of normal activity you find for yourself. While some women can go back to their normal lifestyle within a couple of days, others need longer periods to recover. In case you have a very demanding job requiring a lot of exertion, it’s better to wait a bit longer. Most surgeons recommend opiate based prescription meds for pain.

EXPAREL for Post-Surgical Pain Management

In the last few years, there has been much advancement in the plastic surgery industry. Plastic surgeons and researchers have tried to make recovery periods less painful and quicker. Recently, a new analgesic was developed to relieve pain after the surgery. This analgesic is given with a single injection when the surgery is performed. It’s called EXPAREL. This analgesic is slowly released into your breasts after the surgical procedure over a standard 72 hour period. This can lead to pain free breast augmentation.

The use of this analgesic means reduction in pain medication prescribed after the surgery. It’s worth mentioning that most prescription meds are narcotic based. When you use EXPAREL, there’s faster return to normal activities and work. There’s also less post-surgical pain. Since the pain is worse in the first few days after the surgery, it’s very important to manage this pain. Some opiate based meds can cause serious side effects. With this analgesic, you’re able to prevent such problems.

There are many patients who fear post-surgical pain. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why most people avoid surgeries. There are some cosmetic procedures that cause more pain than others. It’s been proven that when EXPAREL is used by patients, a lot of opiate based drugs aren’t required. Moreover, the pain management process is more satisfactory.

EXPAREL is one of the first single dose pain medications that can effectively control pain for 72 hours. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011. One of the major benefits of this analgesic is that it reduces the need for pain pumps. They are often used in post-surgical recovery periods. According to numerous studies, this analgesic is very safe. It shows no hindrance to the standard healing process. Moreover, you don’t experience any difficulties with the breast implants.

Memorial Plastic Surgery has been using EXPAREL for patients undergoing breast augmentation procedures. It’s important to understand that you will have to follow the surgeon’s guidelines during the recovery period. For the first few days, you can expect some soreness and swelling. Moreover, you may also have to wear a surgical bra. You should avoid lifting any heavy items for about 4 weeks. You may also have to continue with mammograms.

With various advancements in procedures, treatments and post-surgical pain management, cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming more effective and safer than before. With these advances, there’s no need to fear post-surgical pain management. You will be able to manage pain in an effective way.

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