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Overstressed? Try These 6 Relaxing Solutions

Relaxing Solutions

Do you ever look back on your day and think about all the strain your busy schedule has put on your life? It’s impossible to ignore stress and, unfortunately, everyone endures it at some point in their life. Stress doesn’t only negatively impact your health, but it can also do a number on your appearance. If you’ve been on the go lately, consider taking some personal time to de-stress and let your mind and body relax. Explore these six simple ways to lighten up your mood and energy on a stressful day.

  1. Journal Your Thoughts

    Keep a small journal with you throughout the day so whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or have too much running through your mind, then you can simply write it down. Releasing any negative emotions or thoughts from your mind will help you feel less anxious about what’s going on and can increase your happiness.

    Another way you can help relieve stress is by jotting down a few things you’re grateful for. Each day, try to think of three things that you’re thankful for and write them in a Gratitude Journal. When you take the time to appreciate the things you love in your life, you’ll help diminish any negative feelings you have.

  2. Smile & Laugh Out Loud

    Did you know when you smile or laugh your body and brain release chemicals that genuinely make you feel happy and less stressed? Even when you feel like you’re forcing out your happy expression, both endorphins and serotonin will heighten as your cortisol levels drop.

    Smiling is contagious so if you notice a friend is feeling down or you want to spread joy to those you walk by who appear to be flustered, beam your friendly smile. This will not only alleviate your stress, but you can also instantly be the change in someone else’s life who needs to feel better.

    Although most people, on average, only smile 20 times a day, Dr. Keith Macdonald suggests that people should smile at least 50 times a day to experience the many benefits. Next time you need help relaxing and want to boost your mood, listen to a funny podcast or watch a comedy movie so you can truly smile, laugh, and feel happy.

  3. Meditate with Soothing Music

    Each day you should set aside “me” time to focus on yourself and help calm your mind and relax your body. A great way to do so is by putting on soothing music you enjoy and meditating in the comfort of your own home. Practice deep breathing, remove yourself from any bad energy around you, and connect with the present moment to enjoy all kinds of benefits of mediation.

    Get rid of any distractions, find a separate area of your home you can be alone, turn on music, and allow yourself to decompress. By meditating and practicing mindfulness in a calming environment, you can help lower symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  4. Get a Massage

    Stress can cause a lot of unwanted tension in your body which can lead to aching and other problems. A great way to loosen up is to go and get a professional massage from a local spa.

    When you go out for a massage, you’ll most likely be in a dimmed room, surrounded by candles, and listening to quiet music. This type of setting while having someone release your body tension can eliminate a significant amount of stress.

    If your tight-knit schedule is preventing you from going to a spa and getting a massage, you can still experience the advantages of an at-home massage. Buy essential oils and massage tools to help you alleviate stress at home. Another option is if you live with your significant other, trade off giving each other a massage so you can both experience a moment of relaxation.

  5. Try Taking Natural Supplements

    Different types of supplements can be a great, natural way to reduce stress and enhance your well-being. Many of us handle pressure differently and the same goes for how our bodies work with different things. Supplements may work incredibly well for one person, but for another person, they may not achieve the comfort they need.

    When considering supplements for your stress, consult with your doctor, do some research, and don’t give up on finding what’s best for you. Some supplements that you can try out to see which kind provide you with the most relief are:

    • Valerian root
    • Ashwagandha
    • Green tea
    • Lemon balm
    • Melatonin
  6. Don’t Forget to Get a Good Night’s Rest

    Sleeping can almost always help take your stress away. Many times, your stress can be stemming from the lack of quality sleep you’ve been receiving, so all you need to do is catch up on your lost hours. For some people, going to bed or remaining asleep isn’t that easy, especially if you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, or any other sleep disorder.

    “If you suspect you have a sleep disorder, don’t ignore it. The only way to truly diagnose your nighttime complications is by seeking a sleep study and receiving conventional treatment.” — qualified sleep dentists Drs. Van Gorden and Steinbach say.

    If sleep is a chore for you, but you want to regain your daytime energy and alleviate any undesired strain in your life, seeking professional care can truly make a night and day difference.

Eliminate the Stress in Your Life

After trying just one or even all of these relaxing solutions to mitigate your stress, you’ll quickly notice that your mind and body feel more pure and tranquil. So, the next time your day is jam-packed with things to do and you can’t seem to just think normally for a split second, take time for yourself and try out these stress-relief techniques.

Overstressed? Try These 6 Relaxing Solutions
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Overstressed? Try These 6 Relaxing Solutions
Constantly being stressed can take a huge toll on your body and wellness. Discover how you can easily feel less overwhelmed through these relaxing solutions.
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