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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover: Why Pick a Female Plastic Surgeon?

When it comes to medical procedures, some women have a definite preference for a female doctor or surgeon. It makes sense, but is it important enough to base a final decision on? Choosing a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon is imperative, but does a mommy makeover necessitate a female plastic surgeon?

Reputation and Experience

A mommy makeover is a comprehensive set of procedures that often involves key aspects of a woman’s feminine identity, and many women feel more comfortable discussing sensitive body issues with another woman. It may be easier to discuss your mommy makeover questions with a female plastic surgeon. A fellow female may be able to relate to your appearance goals as well as any emotions that may be associated with the decision to have a mommy makeover. As a mother of two small boys, Dr. Sugene Kim knows firsthand how pregnancy can impact the figure, and she also understands that women who undergo a mommy makeover often need to factor childcare into their recovery.

   Plastic surgery is a big decision and one which should only be entrusted to a plastic surgeon you truly feel comfortable with.

While it’s critical that you’re at ease with your plastic surgeon, the most important factor in having a successful mommy makeover experience is working with a skilled, experienced, board-certified surgeon. Gender may affect the rapport you build with a potential plastic surgeon, but it should not be the sole basis for your choice.

Comfort and Communication

Rather than focusing on the gender of a potential plastic surgeon, pay attention to who makes you feel most comfortable and listened to. Great communication is essential during a consultation; after all, you want to be confident that your plastic surgeon is going to deliver the results you want. If you find a female plastic surgeon who you trust, that is a perfectly valid reason for choosing her to do your mommy makeover, but it is not advisable to decide based on gender alone.

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